101 things to do in 1001 days, January 5, 2016 to October 2, 2018 inspired by @designdarling
  1. Put $10 in to savings for every goal accomplished
  2. Complete 10 goals with 10 different people
  3. Clean up the contacts on my cellphone
  4. Wear only dresses or skirts for 1 week in the winter and 1 week in the summer
  5. Go one month without shopping (other than food)
  6. Go one month without taking a taxi or an Uber
  7. Volunteer for a cause I am passionate about
  8. Donate blood
  9. Send flowers to my mother and Grandmother one day, out of the blue
  10. Give five "just because" gifts
  11. Try to learn a new language
  12. Go through my closet and donate the clothes I don't wear
  13. Send 50 handwritten notes
  14. Learn how to drive stick
  15. Find a red lipstick I love and wear it at least once a week for a month
  16. Pay for the next customer in line
  17. Unplug completely for 24 hours
  18. Go social media free for 1 week
  19. Convince someone else to make a 101 in 1001 list
  20. Leave positive affirmations for a stranger to find
  21. Keep a gratitude journal (once a week for a year)
  22. Make my bed every day for 1 month
  23. Throw a dinner party
  24. Throw a murder mystery party
  25. Throw a surprise party for a friend
  26. Host a board game night
  27. Go to a concert
  28. Learn how to needlepoint
  29. Try twenty new restaurants in DC
  30. Leave a 100% tip for great servive
  31. Take a calligraphy class
  32. See three theater productions
  33. Go to a comedy show
  34. Play mini golf
  35. Go to an amusement park
  36. See a movie outdoors
  37. Se an NBA game
  38. See an NFL game
  39. See an NHL game
  40. Ride on a sail boat
  41. Take a cooking class
  42. Get a facial
  43. Go to a horse race
  44. Go on 3 hikes
  45. Go on a picnic
  46. Go on a double date with Bri and Gabe
  47. Learn to throw a frisbee and make it go where I want it to go
  48. Read five nonfiction books
  49. Read five classics
  50. Read 3 biographies of people I admire
  51. Read at least 30 new books and record them in my reading diary
  52. Read for 30 minutes each day for 1 month
  53. Watch 10 classic films
  54. Watch Hitchcock's films in order
  55. Watch 10 documentaries
  56. Get business cards
  57. Attend a professional conference
  58. Present at a professional conference
  59. Start saving for retiremenf
  60. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists
  61. Take a grant writing/funding workshop
  62. Master a new to me new media skill
  63. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 1 week
  64. Workout at least twice a week for 3 months
  65. Try 3 new workouts outside my comfort zone
  66. Run a 5k
  67. Wake up at 6am everyday for 1 week
  68. Eat a real breakfast everyday for 1 month
  69. Take a self defense class
  70. Go to the debtist
  71. Floss everyday for 1 month
  72. Go 1 month without ordering takeout
  73. Try 10 recipes from cookbooks I already have
  74. Leave the crockpot on when I am not home
  75. Five and perfect 5 new go-to recipes
  76. Buy (and subsequently keep alive) herb plants for cooking -dill parsley chives basil
  77. Learn to roast a perfect chicken
  78. Learn to bake bread
  79. Prepare a meal from ingredients bought at the farmers market
  80. Buy an ingredient I have never used before and learn how to cook it
  81. Shop local for 1 week
  82. Eat vegan for 1 week
  83. Go meatless for 1 month
  84. Learn to make 5 cocktails at home
    1. Lady Lincoln -January 2016
  85. Make my bed every day for 1 month
  86. Go on a trip with my entire fanily
  87. Walk the golden gate bridge
  88. Visit 10 new to me museums
  89. Visit a botanical garden
  90. Visit an arboretum
  91. Visit a city I have never been to before
  92. Travel to a new state
  93. Visit a friends home town
  94. Travel to a new country
  95. Travel to a new continent
  96. Take a ski lesson
  97. Go to a Broadway show
  98. Travel with someone I've never traveled with befode
  99. Take a solo trip, 100. Visit Walt Disney World, 101. Try an Airbnb