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Ideas for sick days cause I'm livin one! And everyone always get bored when ur supposed to just sleep😂
  1. Watch YouTube
  2. Watch tv (on Netflix on Hulu on whatever the heck u want! But tv is awesome)
  3. Eat donuts (cause sometimes u just get what u want on a sick day no matter the healthy status)
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The ________ world... Do u wanna come?
  1. The fairytale world
  2. The Harry Potter books
  3. My dreams
  4. The land of perfection (where everything goes perfectly du! 😂)
Because she's being annoying today
  1. When she talks in an innocent voice when she knows that she's ticked you off
  2. When your mad at her and she makes a good point
  3. When she makes you mad and then you say your going to tell and then she starts to cry and you feel bad
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It's 4:00, do u know where ur E is?
  1. Get things from locker
  2. Go to car
  3. Possibly go get Starbucks or after school snack
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Maybe you want to see the shoes that I take pics of
  1. My new vans as of tot
  2. My new slippers as of yesterday
  3. Jazz shoes
2 more...
  1. The Mindy Project
  2. Girl Meets World
  3. Random tv show that u think I will like
  1. When ur friends steal ur phone and take 2,000 selfies
  2. My breakfast one morning
  3. New slippers!!!
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Cause exotic animals r cool man!
  1. A kangaroo that I would name Kenga
  2. Snow leopard
  3. Monkey
10 more...
Because walking in other people's shoes would b hard
  1. 3rd grade teacher
  2. Current LA teacher
  3. Some journalist
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What the explanation for every one of them should be: cause emojis are AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  1. 😘 because ur kissing and winking at the same time and it's faster than I luv u
  2. 😋 cause I do this ALL the time!
  3. 👻 cute little ghost
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