E! has described this as "your new favorite show." I'm always here to question E!'s presumptions.
  1. Tyler Henry looks to me a lot like a hybrid of Ryan from High School Musical and Austin Butler
    Both of those individuals are connected to Vanessa Hudgens. Will she appear on this show?
  2. First commercial break at 10:10 and currently not knowing how to feel. Stay tuned
  3. Will say that I am looking forward to the episode with Snooki mostly because I often wonder what she's up to. Is she enjoying motherhood?
  4. Tyler appeared once on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and he seemed pretty convincing
  5. Tyler doesn't know who Brittany Murphy was. Strike one.
  6. I can't read Jaime Pressly's expression so I'm not sure if she's buying into this. Is America buying into this?
    Just kidding, she just started crying. She's hooked!
  7. "I'm very drawn to him" - my girlfriend
  8. Is that.....Bella Thorne? Whoever it is she looks uncomfortable. Those lace up thigh-high sandals though
  9. Nene Leakes! Nene Leakes! "I wanna believe," she says. Bring it on girl.
  10. Tyler has sweat POURING down his face. Due to spiritual connection or being in the presence of a queen?
    "Because he realized what a fraud he is" - my friend Matthew
  11. This reading with Nene has seen no revelations. It's just Tyler proving that he knows things about her. Becoming increasingly suspicious
  12. Roommate just came home and loudly began complaining about her head cold. Please! I'm trying to have my mind blown
  13. The method to Tyler's madness is a series of scribbles in a notebook. I'm really trying to get on board but my faith is slowly slipping. He has 19 more minutes to wow me
  14. "If I could reach you I'd punch you right now" - basketball player whose name I don't remember to Tyler
    He just said it again. He's hooked!
  15. "What a trip" - this basketball player has perfectly summed up this viewing experience in three words
  16. 8 more minutes and the emotion I'm feeling the most strongly is skeptical
  17. John Salley that's his name
  18. Coming up this season: Margaret cho! TERRELL OWENS!! National treasure Amber Rose! Charisma Carpenter! Jodie Sweetin! A bunch of other people I've never heard of!
    Remember when TO played for the Eagles and people used to chant his initials. What a relic
  19. Overall review of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry: weak premiere, lots of sweat, Jaime Pressly's eyebrows, lots of staring and four total punch threats from John Salley. Will probably watch again