Requested by @biz
Not in any particular order!!!💩
  1. Tyler, one of the only genuinely cool boys I know❤️
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    He asks me on a regular basis if I'm going to leave him for @jessacosta but her and I would make a very toxic couple
  2. My three little brothers
    They're sporty and outgoing and everything else that I'm not
  3. Joseph Gordon Levitt
  4. Nicki Minaj
  5. My gorgeous, spunky, intense, Russian roommate Seyda
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  6. Carol Gilligan
  7. Michelle and Barrack Obama
    Relationship goals af
  8. Nick from New Girl
    He's so sarcastic and dark and wimpy and hot
  9. Even though they're such assholes💕🐶🍷💋
  10. Mindy and B. J. Novak and their iconic on-again off-again romance
    And obviously everyone else in/ involved in The Office
  11. Frank fucking Ocean
  12. Anyone that I can tolerate in actual social situations (there's not a lot)
  13. Rey from The Force Awakens
  14. Finn and Poe and their gay and adorable friendship
  15. Whoever's careers are to name nail polish colors, paint colors, and candle scents
  17. My high school writing teacher Ms. Scharf