1. When people stand on escalators or moving sidewalks
    This one makes me irrationally angry. I'm sure the intent of the inventor of the elevator was to help us get to where we're going faster!!! Not slower and just STANDING THERE. I also hate how the custom of standing to the right does not seem to be observed outside of dc and ny.
  2. When people name the baby while its in utero and give it an Instagram hash tag
    This is ratchet and bad luck. And kind of fucked up for your kid to have a social media presence WAY before they can consent. Gross.
  3. Excuses
    Excuses are the nails that build the walls of your house of FAILURE.
  4. Slow walkers
  5. Millennials
  6. Misuse of the word irony
    So bad. If you pay attention you will start to notice folks do this al the time. Irony is when the intended meaning is the exact opposite of the literal meaning.
  7. Personal blogs
    Get a diary!!!!
  8. Engagement photos
    What would Kate Middleton do? Just stick with something like that. Please no more: canoes, smiling at trees, orchards etc etc.
  9. Entitlement
  10. Michael Kors