Now that the squirrel has officially been spotted inside of the 1304 house, let's list what is most likely to happen next
  1. Fink gets rabies. He battles for years but there is no cure
  2. The squirrel raises a family inside these walls, eventually becoming part of the family
  3. The squirrel agrees to move to the boiler room. It cannot afford rent but at least helps with the dishes
  4. Glassman goes full psycho in the middle of the night and kills the squirrel in its sleep
  5. We slowly begin to accept the squirrel. Sure, we never wanted him to be inside our house, but life is a journey and you sometimes have to roll with the punches. In time we begin to treat it as our own. One night, a visitor spots the squirrel and unknowingly kills it. Obviously we are devastated and throw it the squirrel themed funeral it deserves