10 points if you can tell me whether these titles should be italicized or in quotations!!
  1. Inna Saei
    Uplifting, inspirational, and beautiful
  2. Higher Ground
    Every woman needs to see this
  3. The Impossible
    + a box of Kleenex! LOL
  4. The Apostle
    Really good look into Pentecostal Christianity
  5. Lion
    Made me want to be a better person (ideal repercussions amirite?)
  6. Captain Fantastic
    Ideally, my children will know about Noam Chomsky at 5 yrs old too
  7. Brazil
    It was recommended that you don't watch it alone 😈
  8. The Three Faces of Eve
  9. The One I Love
    Thought about this one for the next couple weeks; life partners are strange