Just hoping my roommate doesn't see this
  1. Refusal to admit you don't know something
    BJ nailed it
  2. Thinking every guy you walk past is checking you out
    Surprisingly not always the case
  3. Non-stop stories about what you did when you were "fucked up"
    Sincerely hope this ends after college
  4. "I'm so bad haha"
    Overheard this as someone was explaining how they don't always stop for pedestrains. Like, I can think of worse things
  5. Dancing & singing in someone's face after you were right
    Modesty is the best policy
  6. Forcing others to dance when they don't wanna
  7. Not being able to say sorry
    Most of the time it's worth the pride plunge
  8. Vegetarians disgustedly staring at non-vegetarians