Every place is full of concrete, but only in Africa will you see these things. The experience is only suited to the exciting traveler, not the "go from one metro's coffee shop to the next" kind of adventurer. Live a little and see why the African bush is the best of a lifetime.
  1. Warthogs darting out from one bush to the next, and you ask where Timone is.
  2. Waking up to giraffe or lion cub foot prints outside your door and you kind of look around for Simba's mom nearby before stepping out.
  3. Traffic lights are called robots
  4. Camping out in a tent in the middle of the great migration of wildebeests as the stampede parts around you as if you're Moses.
  5. Simba
  6. Meeting is on Thursday morning? Great! See you Saturday.
  7. A mile long train of elephants as you cross the savannah. Go around them. I don't care how tired you are.
  8. An orchestra of hippos along the river at night. Beautiful, then you remember they can also run up to 20mph so you don't want front row seats.
  9. How does clicking work in phone conversations???
  10. Sleeping out under the stars with the Milky Way as clear as clouds in the day, and a heyena licking off the face of the guy sleeping near you.
  11. Spooking a lion on the other side of a thick bush because both of you are so good at stalking that none knew of the other's presence. They roar even louder when they're spooked. You get a little shaky afterwards like after an earthquake.
  12. The mongongo nut-- delicious nut in a walnut-like shell...harvested from elephant dung. They eat the mongongo fruit high up in the trees, digest it, and poop out the undigested nut among their hay-like dung. Trust me, it's delicious.
  13. Sitting atop a short cliff and watching elephants interact with each other just a few feet in front of you, unnoticed. They might notice if you react when the largest one farts right at you.
  14. Watching the buffalo, elephants, cranes, gazelle and others visit a large pond under the African sunset. And the crocodile that stalks the crane... The crane knew all along.
  15. Stalking rhinos (on foot, unlike those european tourists in safari vans circling a group of animals that have grown accustomed to cars and cameras) and watching such majestic animals roam the grassland. If they charge at you, hope you have something to throw to one side. They have poor sight :)
  16. People remember names well, even if they met you only for a moment in greeting and did not see you for a month.
  17. 7 giraffe necks and heads just hovering above a bunch of trees, walking in a line; gliding heads. Where are they going?
  18. Baobab trees. Or locals like to call them, upside down trees.
  19. Sitting on the porch, sipping tea or enjoying the local lager, identifying the various bird calls that sound like they're saying "go away" or "drink lager".