Simply put, there are talented people with suave and talent; it's just the way they are. Then there are those that try to be original, but create crap that's original, as in the only piece of crap among cool things.
  1. Trend Setters and Trend Chasers
    Face it, finding the source of a trend is almost impossible nowadays. Sorry, wiki won't have the legit answer. You'll see really good looking people throwing in their cute antics now and then on Instagram. And so trends begin. But you get the try-hard that has an IG that looks like a bandwagon compilation of every trend that was set by good looking people. Like, can you be original for once and actually be cute rather than try to do cute stuff?
  2. It Works Cuz They're Just Cool and You're Not
    I'm reminded of this heartthrob twin duo on YouTube called Jacksgap. Jack had a cute style to his show. Originally a young actor, Jack did his show with an originally cheeky, cute, fun, charismatic personality. It's just the way he was and is. And so even if he did the cinnamon challenge or other trending challenges, it was Jack. And it worked. Then you have the trend chasers trying to be imitate personality and style, and it just ends up looking like a cheap knockoff from Chinatown.
  3. You Might Need Couples Therapy
    Ever see a cute couple that just interacts in the most adorable way? Maybe because it's the way their personalities collide. And you see it capture the hearts of many as it goes viral on Facebook or Instagram. Then you see the bandwagoning trend chaser that just HAS to do the same stuff and "look cute" on FB and IG. But you know that one person is more dull than drying paint to ever be originally like that with their lovers.
  4. Miranda Priestly's Pursed Lips -- That's For You, Dear
    Remember when hyphy was making its way into street fashion? I'd say it made its way into the realm of bad taste and gave some comfort to the fashionably blind. Someone says they want to be different. So they use patterns and colors. They come out looking like a textile factory's patterns department exploded everywhere. It's cool when you are stylish and you are uniquely fashionable. But aiming to be different by dressing gross. That was the hyphy era. Miranda, do your thing--purse those lips.
  5. You Just Might Be a Hipster
    Wanting originality and trying to be original are totally different from someone that is simply creative and without ideas that are like anyone else's.