1. Shush children
  2. Think about grading exams
  3. Look for a new phone background
  4. Try to research your next unit on Pinterest
  5. Realize that your school blocked Pinterest
  6. Get annoyed that Pinterest is blocked but somehow, Minecraft isn't
  7. Think about grading exams again
  8. Grade other things instead
  9. Look at the vending machines in hunger
  10. Try not to think about how you need to go to the bathroom
  11. Shush children again
  12. Reorganize the apps on your iPad
  13. Play Minecraft on your iPad
  14. Get killed by a creeper
  15. Remember that your phone isn't concerned to the school's wifi and you could do your Pinterest research there
  16. Remember that you don't actually want to do any schoolwork
  17. Mess around on social media instead
  18. Shush children