1. My Best Friend's Wedding
    Clearly because what other movie has done a singalong scene better
  2. Marley & Me
    However I have been explicitly barred from watching past when they move to Philadelphia due to my reaction when Marley may or may not pass away
  3. The Replacements
    A sports comedy about underdog barnacle-cleaner Keanu Reeves making his dreams come true when he and a team of misfits are asked to fill in for football players on strike? Count me in.
  4. Legally Blond
    Because I am a purveyor of quality filmmaking.
  5. The ABCFamily Harry Potter showings
    Who can't sit through all 8 movies in one day?
  6. Grease
    Solely for Summer Nights.
  7. The Oceans Series
    I die for Amal Clooney's husband. He's so fab.