48. Kinda crept up on me like the way water gets cold during a shower. 50, you bastard, I'm coming to get you.
  1. The name of my neuro-surgeon rolls off my tongue and out of my mouth any time somebody talks about back, leg, neck or brain pain.
  2. A stopwatch measures today's dog walk against yesterday's to see "how we're doing." Who's lollygagging? Me or the dog?
  3. Then there's the daily pill box. That is religiously filled and refilled Sunday morning. Followed my an Amazon order for more calcium pill and horse tranquilizers.
  4. Gray hair is spreading the The Blob. One or two sprinkled on top was fine. Then the beard. But now the chest. STOP THE INSANITY
  5. Finally The Squint. This only happens when trying to make a LIST (hat tip @bjnovak) and the damn reading glasses are ?lost? Again. It makes me look like a kid staring down the claw machine after missing that Fred Flintstone watch by THAT MUCH. Oh well it all beats the alternative.