Top 5 Concerts

Music heard and felt live breathes life into me like nothing else. Plentiful opportunities to see and hear the world's greatest artists come fast, like a punk rock count in, so if you're lucky, getting a place in history exists. Here lives my top 5 live shows on a thankfully very long list.
  1. 1.
    The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels Tour – Los Angeles Coliseum - October 22, 1989 GNR opened (missed them dammit). Spent my last $10 on a $25 ticket a mile from the stage and would do it again. Nick Anderson spotted me $15 to make this show and I'm sure glad he did. Mick and Keith and Bill and Ron and Charlie.
  2. 2.
    Grateful Dead - LA Sports Arena - December 18, 1994 Touch of Grey opened the night, which also included Attics of My Life. Jerry died months later so I luckily saw him live once. 21 years later at the final Fare Thee Well show, July 5, 2015, both Touch of Grey and Attics of My Life were on the set list - making for great bookends.
  3. 3.
    Ray Charles - Caesar’s Palace Vegas - April 2, 1994 Thirty years after The Ray Charles Orchestra, the Raylettes, & my uncle, guitarist Don Peake, backed the legend, all reunited in Sin City performing at Caesar’s. At pre show dinner my sister and I sat inches from our uncle only to see him the same distance from Ray an hour later.
  4. 4.
    X - The Roxy Theatre - August 17, 2012 Over 4 decades X live shows made my ears ring, muscles ache and heart sing. This night’s set reached the heavens through 88 keys played during by X’s original producer, and Door Ray Manzarek. Exene, John, Billy and DJ shredded the stage with their plenipotentiary.
  5. 5.
    Dave Matthews Band - The Hollywood Bowl - August 28, 2006 Arriving late, practically abandoning the car, Emily Rose and I enjoyed 90 mins before Ants Marching closed with 17,000 Billies and Nancies all singing in harmony, "They all do it the same. They all do it the same way." Still bring chills.