A conversation as I was driving my boys home from the store one day. A day much like any other. Except a four year old (Medium) and six year old (Big) got existential and it got depressing.
  1. Medium offspring: "Mommy? I love you as much as hotdogs!"
  2. Me: "Um, I hope you love me more than hotdogs. There are millions of hotdogs on earth, none of which you would miss if they disappeared. But there's only one Mommy."
  3. Medium offspring: "Ok then. I love hotdogs as much as I love you!"
  4. Me: "Hmmmm. Not much different, Monkey."
  5. Medium offspring: "Ok. I love you as much as all the people, plants, buildings, fire hydrants, sidewalks, space AND hotdogs wrapped up all together!"
  6. Biggest offspring: "Space is pretty big. It never ends."
  7. Medium offspring: "Yeah. But people end."
  8. Biggest offspring: "Yeah, when they get too old."