As requested by @roseveleth! Keep your list requests coming, ladies and gentlemen.
  1. Sushi Dojo
    Possibly the best value for high quality fish in NY. American chef David Bouhadana offers both a la carte and omakase menus featuring traditional Japanese sushi with a sometimes modern touch. Omakase starts at $45
  2. 15 East
    Though 15 East is considered one of Manhattan's best (and priciest) options for sushi, the move here is to drop by for the $32 lunch sushi omakase. In addition to chef's choice nigiri, the diner receives a choice of starter and dessert.
  3. Tanoshi
    This under-the-radar mom and pop gem offers another excellent value for prime fish in a cramped sliver of an Upper East Side space. Omakase starts at about $70
  4. Kura
    Minimalist-designed, shoe-boxed sized sushi bar serving quality fresh fish in Manhattan's East Village. The omakase starts at $85
  5. Ennju
    More of a grab-and-go sushi market, this no frills Union Square cafe serves up quality fish along with other cooked Japanese dishes. Rolls start at $5