Requested by @sam_grey
As requested by @sam_grey, these are our favorite places in Los Angeles for spending time alone with a whiskey and your thoughts.
  1. Musso & Frank (Hollywood)
    The martinis are legendary here, not because they're made with expensive gin or fancy ice. No, the martinis at Musso & Frank are perfect because the tuxedo-wearing bartenders know the perfect balance between gin (or vodka, if you prefer) and vermouth, pouring elegantly in a five ounce glass and placing the extra in a chilled sidecar.
  2. The Copper Still (Koreatown)
    You might not find this place if you drive by in Koreatown, but the pitch perfect cocktails by Nancy Kwon, an obsessed bartender who sometimes takes more than five minutes to make a drink, are the ideal companions when you need a quiet moment to yourself.
  3. Bar Jackalope (Downtown)
    Tucked away behind the bustling Seven Grand, this Japanese-style whiskey bar is only open from Sunday to Thursday night, and you generally need a reservation to get in. But you'll be rewarded by one of the best brown liquor selections in town, with nearly a hundred kinds of scotch, bourbon, and more. The elegant room is a great place to nurse a stiff old fashioned containing what might be the best looking handcut piece of ice you'll ever see.
  4. Big Bar (Los Feliz)
    This sleepy cocktailian's dream has classic and new-school drinks that you can enjoy in relative piece, without the raging scenes at dives or meat markets. Barman Aaron Melendrez might shake up a drink dubbed Pogue Mahone, with Irish whiskey, sherry, and orgeat. Or no one will bother you if you want to keep to yourself.
  5. The Prince (Koreatown)
    This old-time subterranean bar has stood in as plenty of bars on TV (look for it on Mad Men and The New Girl), but during the week, it's a sleepy spot for strong drinks and terrific Korean fried chicken. It's a strange dichotomy, Korean bar food with a mid-century vibe, but no one seems to care.
  6. The Drawing Room (Los Feliz)
    One of the few dive bars to open every day at 6 a.m., you're more than likely to be drinking alone in relative silence when you show up at the crack of dawn. And they'll make you a strong well drink for a few bucks long before noon.