@aprilkquioh's #draftmas is over but I'm still plowing through those old drafts! These are stock phrases and sentences used in movies and TV shows. Someday I hope to be able to ACTUALLY use them in real life. (Also included: the scenarios in which it will hopefully all happen.)
  1. "Don't you know who I am?!?"
    Said indignantly to the host at the cool new restaurant that has a 3-hour wait and doesn't take reservations. The manager will notice the commotion, turn pale when he sees me, and immediately seat my guests & me at the next available table. We also get complementary apps & dessert for our "inconvenience".
  2. "Come with me if you want to live!"
    I scream out loud and open the passenger door to my out-of-breathe boyfriend who is being chased by evil villains. It turns out we are both secret agents working for the same team but different departments (damn bureaucracy and compartmentalization). He hops in just in time and we take off to the frustration of our enemies. We, of course, win in the end and make passionate love (not necessarily in that order).
  3. "We've come too far!"
    I said as the cliff starts to crumble beneath us, with only a few more steps to freedom and happiness. I grab my boyfriend's hand and we take a giant leap, landing safely on home ground, while we watch with satisfaction as the evil enemy plummets to the ground beneath.
  4. "We're running out of time!"
    I exclaim running toward the countdown clock for the bomb with the old fashion red digital clock. We dash across the big empty room, pull apart the casing and examine all the wires but it all looks so confusing. In desperation, right when it hits the 0:01 second point, I pull the blue wire out and it freezes. We saved the day!
  5. "Follow that car!"
    As I jump into the cab that is conveniently waiting right in front of me as I chase the murder suspect that also happens to be my best friend's fiancée who got in an Uber. Turns out he was only planning me a surprise party not a nefarious dumping of a mysterious body and all is good in the end.
  6. "Stop or I'll shoot!"
    As I chase the masked bank robber down the street. He will ignore me and I won't shoot because I actually don't carry a gun and firmly believe in tightening gun control laws but then he'll trip over something and fall. I'll still get credit for catching him.
  7. "What could possibly go wrong?"
    I say to my partner @AJ as we enter the crumbling underground temple without flashlights (we have our iPhone app!) to follow the treasure map we found in our new-to-us antique table we got at the flea market for a ridiculous steal. Supposedly the table was "cursed" but we don't believe in that nonsense. I'm sure everything will go right. (Spoiler alert: it does not, but we DO find the treasure, break the curse and save the day in the end!)
  8. "You have GOT to be kidding me!"
    Exclaimed every time we miraculously escape a trap in the underground temple, only to find ourselves facing another trap.
  9. "I was never here!"
    I said to the child who was looking at me wide-eyed after I secretly save the planet earth from destruction by karate chopping the ruthless villain. I really like my privacy and if word got out, I'd never have a moments peace out in public.
  10. "I always wanted to say that!"
    Said after every phrase and sentence above...