I seriously would like answers to these please. Maybe I can find answers via Google or ask them on Twitter but that seems like so much work.
  1. Do Kiehl's samples ever expire?
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    I have a ton of them (they always give you a handful when you buy something) and I don't use them fast enough. I always think I'll just use them when I travel but I forget. They're hermetically sealed right? Can I still use them?
  2. Why do I still get zits? I'm not 15. Acne should not be part of adulthood.
    Yeah yeah, I know it's because of stress, lack of sleep and bad diet. But whatever. There's got to be another way to stop me from breaking out without changing my bad habits right?
  3. Should I stop carrying my phone in my pocket? Will I get cancer in my left thigh because its always in that front pocket?
    Maybe I should start carrying in my messenger bag. But then I'm always afraid someone is going steal it out of there. Which is kind of ridiculous because that hasn't ever happened to me before. But it could...
  4. At what point did Zak Efron go from cute High School Musical kid to someone that looks like he should be in gay porn?
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    Apologies to Tom & Lorenzo who pointed this out first but I really need to know.
  5. Should I change my ListApp name to @eatthelove ?
    I use @eatthelove beside that's what I use on all other social media. But I feel like it's weird to do that here. Like its passive promotional or something. And also, I kind of like the idea of locking in @eatthelove as my handle before it gets snatched by someone else. But people already know me here as eatthelove?
  6. Why do I continue to take fish oil pills?
    Someone told me that I needed to. So I started taking them and now I do it out of habit. But I can't remember the exact reason how he or she convinced me that I needed to. And I don't know if they do anything other occasionally make me burp gross fish burps. Should I stop? Is there any benefit at all to taking them?
  7. I sometime tell random people (men & women) wearing fabulous outfits that I really like what they are wearing. But I've learned this a micro-aggression? Or something uncool and borderline creepy? Should I stop?
    I bring this up because I only do it when the person is wearing something truly outrageously amazing. And I am in awe that they can pull it off. And I want them to know that they are fabulous. But is that totally creepy? I probably should stop right? I mean, they already know they are fabulous if they are wearing the outfit.
  8. Can I still use the phrase "on fleek" or has the moment passed?
    Honestly, I don't think I could ever REALLY use It without sounding like I'm trying too hard, but I like having the option. But only if people still use it.
  9. When are we going to all hang out?
    Preferably at a convenient time and location to my schedule and home. I love you all.
  10. Are we going to get some warning before ListApp goes public so we can all scramble to delete our super private soul-baring-I-hope-to-God-my-ex-doesn't-read-this lists? Because this is really important.
    Or maybe there will be an option to make them private before ListApp goes public? I'm scared. Someone hold me.