Yay! I'm a hardcore Gilmore Girls fan and the news that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is bringing back the gang to do a proper ending for the show had me literally cheering in my computer seat yesterday! Here's what I'm hoping to see in the four 90 minute movies that they're doing.
  1. Melissa McCarthy
    I know she's an Oscar nominated actress but if they can't get Sookie I will be SO. DAMN. SAD. Hopefully they'll pull a Wet Hot American Summer stunt and get the entire cast including her though. Also someone get Melissa McCarthy on here!
  2. A huge moving tribute to the loss of Richard Gilmore.
    With the passing of actor Edward Hermann, AS-P will have to address is somehow. I expect a tear jerking emotionally charged and awkwardly funny scene at the funeral.
  3. Fast witty talk referencing contemporary pop culture.
    This is a given. But I want to see them reference new current things like Taylor Swift, superhero movies, Pitch Perfect and The ListApp. They better mention ListApp! (Also someone get AS-P on here ASAP! @bjnovak can you do that? All you TV folks know each other right?) See also @laur's awesome list of post-2007 pop culture references that she wants to see I GG. Post-2007 Pop Culture References I'm Hoping They Mention in the Gilmore Girls Revival
  4. A gay couple in Stars Hollow
    I'm still baffled as to why the quaint New England town of Stars Hollow had so many quirky characters of various races but no token gay couple. Someone fix that. It's 2015! (and no Michel doesn't count, though he's close)
  5. The return of Jess
    I was Team Jess all the way. But I don't know if I would want grown up Rory with him (that would be going backwards). But it would be nice to see him make an appearance and to find out what he's up to.
  6. Paris! And Doyle!
    What happened to those crazy kids? (Also @lenadunham you said you could get Danny Strong on ListApp! I'm still waiting...)
  7. Lane!
    The underused best friend. I hope she comes back. And I hope they also have a Hep Alien reunion. And I hope Mrs. Kim makes a cameo as well.
  8. The town troubadour
    He just adds charm and color to the town. Please try to bring him back. Plus he's Grant Lee Phillips!
  9. Those final FOUR WORDS that Amy Sherman-Palladino keeps on teasing to the fans that she knows...
    I'm going to be so let down if it's "I love you Christopher..."
  10. All those secondary supporting characters that give the show such texture.
    Babbette, Miss Patty, Kirk, Jackson, Taylor who else am I missing? I love you all.
  11. Mae Whitman has a cameo guest appearance.
    This is a total left field request but how awesome would it be if Lauren Graham's OTHER daughter from her other show randomly showed up as a new incidental friend of Rory? Totally awesome. And also mind blowing.