@list is fairly intuitive but for those who want to get the most out of this app, I published a comprehensive post on my blog on how to use @list. I go into the tiny details of how to use this app. Here are a few tips and tricks from that article to get you started using ListApp like a pro! Thanks @bjnovak & @dev for an awesome app!
  1. When leaving a comment be sure to @ reply the person you are responding to.
    Unlike Facebook which gives you notifications on EVERYONE that comments on a thread, The ListApp doesn't. It only notifies the creator of the list. So if you are responding to someone who commented before you, make sure to @ reply them.
  2. @ reply is easy on comments. Just swipe left on the comment and the handle of the person who wrote it will be auto generated in your comment field.
    This is genius. I don't know why ALL social media networks haven't implemented this. I find myself on Facebook trying to do this move and it does work. #sadtrombone
  3. Hashtags aren't a thing here.
    So don't bother with them for discovery purposes. This isn't Instagram.
  4. Tap on a photo on a list to see it get big. Tap on it again and it'll get small again. But you can also swipe left or swipe right to go back and forth on photos!
    You're used to swiping left and right right?
  5. Double tap on a list will like it!
    So like away! As @sophia said in her List Etiquette 2.0 list li.st Etiquette, 2.0, don't be cheap with your likes! Go crazy! It's more fun to spread the love.
  6. If you can't comment on a person's list, that's because they set their privacy so only people that they follow can comment.
    I'm not a huge fan of this option but I see why some folks might want to use this, especially celebrities with large followings. No more hundreds of "I love you! Please follow me!" comments. That's a good thing!
  7. There's no secret formula to getting your list featured or trending.
    The ListApp folks hand pick the featured lists so just write great lists and hopefully they'll pick yours! Trending is auto generated by an algorithm (I think) dependent on how many likes you get, how many re-lists and how many comments as well as how active the platform is at the time the trending list is generated. So you might have an easier time getting your list to trend in the middle of the night when no one else is publishing lists. But then no one is online to read it...
  8. You can change your user name in your settings and it globally changes your username across the platform!
    This is nifty if you accidentally sign up with the wrong name or you just want a different username. All incidents of your old username will change in ListApp.
  9. If you block someone on ListApp not only will you disappear from their feed but all your comments will disappear as well.
    However if someone @ replies to your comment THAT comment does not disappear. Keep this in mind if you block someone. Especially if you have mutual friends on here. It can be a little disconcerting to see a one-sided conversation on the comment thread and it's a clear indication that the person has blocked you.
  10. There's no direct messaging on ListApp so folks sometime repurpose the REQUEST A LIST function to communicate with each other privately.
    But keep in mind that this function wasn't designed for that. So request can sometimes be "filled" and published. Leading to amusing results. See @john's list for @olive I Got Tons of Love for You, Too, John. Eat Your Vegetables 😘
  11. That weird Greek beta letter "β" you see on some people's name is a sign of the elite "beta testers" of @list.
    So feel free to ask those folks what it was like to be on this app before the general public got in. (The stock answer is always "It was magical!")
  12. To read the full guide, visit my blog...