Here's a list of various social media networks that I was on but have since abandoned. Do any of you even remember these? Were any of you on these? Are you STILL on any of these?
  1. Friendster
    Oh Friendster, the original social network before all social network. I joined because my friend David kept in pestering me to join. I never really used it. Didn't get the point of it.
  2. MySpace
    Sure it's recently been revamped. And had Justin Timberlake throwing his weight behind it. Didn't really work out did it? I remember it being REALLY ugly. Like the GeoCities of social media.
  3. Orkut
    The Google social network before Google+. It never caught in here in the US but I think it's still big in Brazil? I think you needed to be invited to get in at first. The original Ello?
  4. Ello
    Oh man. This was like the trendy club with the huge line outside and the bouncer only letting the cool kids in. Then, after you finally got in, the music was crap, the drinks were expensive and watered down and no one was dancing.
  5. LiveJournal
    I only joined so I could comment on my friend Rita's blog. I wonder if she still uses it? Is LiveJournal even around anymore?
  6. Google+
    It's good for SEO I guess? I think they split it into two different networks now? Does anyone use this anymore? So many questions that I don't even care to learn the answers for.
  7. StumbleUpon
    I guess this is still going on. I haven't stumbled in ages....
  8. We Heart It
    It's like Pinterest. But not Pinterest. I think? I signed up years ago. Never really used it.
  9. YikYak
    Totally anonymous location based social media network. When ever I log on, it's kind of dead except for a couple of douchey guys looking to get laid. Never figured out the appeal. Maybe for college people?
  10. Vine
    I did three vine videos. The short video novelty wore off after that. Maybe if I had stuck with it longer...
  11. Flickr
    Haven't uploaded of even looked at my Flickr account. I think it's still around...
  12. LinkedIn
    Technically I am still on here and update my profile or add folks that request it. Maybe once a month? Truthfully LinkedIn makes me a little stabby. I hate it. But I guess it might have it uses...or so I've been told.
  13. 500px
    This was suppose to be professional photography version of Flickr with a highly curated photography community. I think it's still around. But even the name is antiquated. Who uploads 500px sized photos anymore? Even Instagram is at 1080px.