Years ago, when I had a day job, I decorated my cube with assorted random crap. Yeah I was THAT guy. These were my 3 favorites. (FYI my desk at home is just cookbooks piled precarious in stacks now).
  1. Fleet's EneMan
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    The mascot for Fleet Enema! A friend of mine tweeted about how she saw one of these stuffed toys at her doctor's office and how she wanted one. I immediately emailed them and they sent me one and one to her. I also got a calendar with EneMan visiting various sights around the country (Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon, etc.) I think I lost it though.
  2. The Healthy Penis
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    I actually worked in this campaign. Those were stress grips! About 3" tall. We were given VERY strict instructions that all colors of penis stress grips were to be EXACTLY the same size. One of there days I'll write a list about working on that campaign and the commercial I wrote and starred in and all the hijinks that ensued. Yes, I was a giant 7-foot tall penis in a commercial. Now you know.
  3. The Custom STD Magic 8-Ball
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    Another project that I worked in. Lemme tell you finding a company to manufacturer a custom Magic 8 Ball was hard! And yes, in case you wondered, every answer that you got when you turned it upside down was a variation of "Yes!" or "You bet!" or "Definitely".