(More clearing out the drafts because @aprilkquioh is mentally chastising me for not sticking to #draftmas). Wiki defines a pet peeve as "a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themself, to a greater degree than others may find it." These are things I've heard folks say that are NOT pet peeves.
  1. "I have this pet peeve where I don't like it when homeless people touch me." - said a coworker.
    I delicately explained to her that NO ONE likes it when a homeless person touches them. In no circumstance is that something someone likes.
  2. "I have this pet peeve that I hate waiting 45 minutes for coffee." - said a douchey techbro behind me in line trying to impress his date.
    You live in SF. And you just got in line at Four Barrel coffee on a weekend morning. The line is going to be long dude. And DESPITE what the articles say, no one, not even locals, really likes to wait in line. No one says "Oh look! The line is SO long! Yay!!!"
  3. "One of my biggest pet peeves is overcooked pasta." - said a guy I went on a date with once.
    "Yes! Soggy pasta!" Said no one. Ever. We never went on a 2nd date. Mostly because all he did was talk about himself, never asking a single thing about me. But I won't lie, the overcooked pasta comment was a factor as well.
  4. "I have a pet peeve where I hate messy and unclean toilets." - said by a Lululemon wearing woman walking behind me into her phone.
    Because we all love doing our business in filth? Sure.