AKA the Five Second Rule does not apply
  1. Q-Tips
    Basically anywhere a q-tip is, outside of its container, is dirty in my book.
  2. Toothbrushes
    It doesn't matter where the toothbrush landed. The minute it touches the ground it's dead to me. This is why I buy 8 packs of Toothbrushes at CostCo. I'm extremely clumsy in the bathroom. Well, everywhere really.
  3. Paper Towels
    The whole purpose of paper towels is to either clean off a table, dry your clean hands or wipe up a spill or mess. But if the paper towel touches the ground it is immediately dirty, negating the cleaning aspect of it.
  4. Gum
    There's a reason the sidewalk has all those black spots.
  5. Ice cream
    This is the worst. No matter how adult you are, the minute an ice cream cone hits the ground, you basically revert to a 5 year old and want to cry. There's no coming back from it.