I would so spend 99¢ for any of these.
  1. Sleep
    With Sleep, you can get an extra 15 minutes of uninterrupted completely peaceful sleep without disturbing your workday or conflicting with your after-work obligations like family time, hangout time or date time. In-app purchases allow for longer sleep time periods, as well as snoozing function and awake mode (where you look like you are awake but actually I'm sleep mode, handy for meetings and bad dates who tell boring stories). Sleep will not interrupt or disturb your normal circadian rhythm.
  2. PowrUp!
    Need that extra bit of power for that last hour before 6pm/quitting time? PowrUp! Gives you a boost of energy without the caffeine, drugs or nasty side effects. A smooth ride that will help you get over the hurdle of your work day. May be addictive. Do not use more than twice a week.
  3. ExtendIt
    Running out time for that project? Try ExtendIt, the only app that extends your deadline by 24 hours. Use the app to help finish a tough project, study for a test or write a paper. By the people who brought you the best selling app Procrastinatr.
  4. Laundr
    When you've run out of clean underwear but you just don't want to do a load of laundry, this app magically produces a clean pair buried in the back of your drawer. In-app purchases allows you to find clean socks, shirts and pants as well. By the same people who created FüdOff, which removes unnoticed food stains immediately after all your meal.
  5. GitBetr
    If your feeling under the weather, GitBetr is the app for you! It keeps you hydrated, takes your temperature and makes sure you get plenty of undisturbed rest. It may not cure the common cold but it's the next best thing!
  6. CALM
    Induces a temporary soothing feeling to keep you from panicking about all the work you need to do or all the daily stresses you have to deal with. By the makers of the best selling app THERAPEE.