(Another one pulled from my drafts! Damn you @aprilkquioh! I think I'm gonna have a #draftmas hangover once this is all done. FYI this is a REALLY old draft from the beta days.) Are you famous? Or even slightly well known? I'd love some answers. Thank you!
  1. Do you wish you could actually do your job (act, sing, write) and not be famous?
    It's a job and one I'm assuming you love to do. Would you prefer if you could just do it and not be famous? Or is being famous part of the appeal?
  2. Do all famous people know each other?
    Because it seems like they do. Or at least that's what US Weekly would have us believe. In my head Jennifer Lawrence constantly texts Beyoncé funny things. I'm sure this is real.
  3. Is working on sitcom fun or exhausting?
    Or maybe (probably) both? In my head it's like a party on the set, with everyone laughing constantly. Or at least that's what the outtakes always make it out to be like. But my guess is after the 27th take it becomes pretty tedious.
  4. On a scale of 1 to 10 how annoying is it to be approached by a random stranger and asked for a selfie?
    I'm sure this is all relative. But I'm a fairly private person and this has to be the most annoying thing ever right? Or is it super fun? I'm not sure.
  5. Do you find it harder to meet and become friends w/regular civilians because you are always suspicious they "want something" from you?
    Or maybe I'm just a naturally cynical person. But this seems like a real issue. I see it happen in my circle of food professional. People always trying to get ahead by becoming "friends" with influential writers, chefs or bloggers. It's pretty annoying. My friend at CAA talks about how he hates mentioning where he works because the minute it comes up in LA people's eyes get wide as if he can make all their dreams come true! He can't. He's not in that sort of position there but it doesn't matter.
  6. Do you really get a lot of free stuff?
    I get random free stuff because I write about food (but it's almost always food related of course). So in my head, famous people walk down the street and get Gucci and Louis Vutton bags thrown at them all the time. There is only one right answer to this question so please don't ruin the fantasy for me.