I came late into the Halloween game, only discovering my joy of playing dress up in the last 10 years or so. Here's a few photos of costumes I whipped up (usually at the last minute because I'm not a planner).
  1. Pantone color swatch book page
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    This is the only solo costume I put on the list. The rest are couple's costumes w/my partner @AJ, but I was pretty happy with this concept. Granted the execution could have been more refined. Back when I was a graphic designer I decided to geek out. I got 3 reactions. Most was confusion. Some were highly impressed and high fived me. And a select few were disgusted and sneered at me with disdain while saying "Ugh. Designer geek!" The last reaction I cherished most.
  2. Milli Vanilli
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    My first couple's costume with @AJ. It was a crowd pleaser. Everyone loved us and when they yelled out "Hey! It's Milli Vanilli!" We'd yell back "Girl! You know it's true!" Then we'd back up and run and do a chest bump with each other. The crowd just ate that up!
  3. Red and Yellow Crayons
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    This required a lot of face paint. But I wanted to commit to the costume. You can't tell, but the name of our colors were printed on our pants. Also I didn't realize how scary costume crayons would look like until I dressed up as one.
  4. The Pringles logo guy
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    I never noticed the logo for Pringles was a mustached guy until I was at Walgreens a couple of days before Halloween and desperate for a costume idea. I saw him on the canister and the lightbulb when off. Again, I had no idea he would look so scary in real life. That's our friend Annie in the middle as a waitress. Fun fact: @AJ's parents were in the marketing testing group for Pringles before they launched. They got to test the form factor of the container. And yes, they voted for the canister!
  5. BiRite Ice Cream cartons
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    BiRite is a local ice cream shop down the street from our apt. We're friendly with the owner and decided to go dressed up as their cartons in our favorite flavor. We stopped by and they were very excited and took photos and gave us free ice cream. The photo ended up in their cookbook too! Fun fact, we got dressed up for a gay Halloween party. The invite said "remember boys, less is more!" We were the only ones not wearing speedos.
  6. Missing Children on the Milk Cartons
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    Lugging home the giant pieces of cardboard for the costume was a pain in the butt. But it was worth it. Super fun costumes, though some folks thought they were sad. The dates were from when we moved to San Francisco from our respective cities. The best part was our costume was so big the crowd parted ways for us when we walked down the street. Fun fact: I made a small scale model of the costume out of poster board to make sure I got all the measurements right for the top part of the carton.
  7. And the back of those milk cartons
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    Only because they were a lot of work to put together and because @AJ uses this photo as his background wallpaper on his work computer. Also note the "Lactose Free" milk for me and the use of the "real" logo on the cartons. It's all about the details.
  8. Sushi
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    Last year, we got a last minute invite to a Halloween dinner party. Like two days before Halloween. I asked "Is this a sit down dinner party? Are there costumes involved?" @AJ's response was "it's both!" So I ran to the discount fabric store, busted out the sewing machine and whipped up the easiest and most comfortable costumes I could think of. The sushi on our backs basically was like wearing pillow backpacks. We could have worn them all night long. I think we did actually.
  9. I'd love to see your list & photos of past Halloween costumes!
    Make a list and tag me in it! Or leave a comment below with the list link. I love seeing what people dress up as.