I spent a year in The Netherlands when I was in high school. I have retained very little Dutch other than some swear words. Here's what I remember. Keep in mind this was 20+ years ago so I don't know if Dutch folks still swear like this now.
  1. Godverdomme!
    "Goddamnit!" A swear word that pretty much every American or English speaking person learns immediately because the Dutch use it a lot. However religious folks in Holland find to really offensive. But there surprisingly aren't that many super religious people there. At least not that I can remember.
  2. Klootzak
    "Asshole!" Actually it literally translates to "ball sack" ie. scrotum. But it basically used like someone would call another person an asshole.
  3. Rotzak
    "Asshole!" A variant of klootzak, used in the same manner but literally translates to rotten or diseases testicles.
  4. Lul
    "Dick" as in "don't be such a dick" sort of way. It literally translates to penis. It's kind of a mild swear word.
  5. Kutwijf
    "Bitch" It gets used a lot as way like "oh she's such a bitch" but it literally translates to c*nt wench or c*nt wife. So maybe it's a little more aggressive than just "bitch".
  6. Sletje
    Slut. It's actually the diminutive version of slut. The word "slet" means slut but the Dutch love making anything diminutive. Just there a "-je" at the end of practically any word and you'll sound like a native.
  7. Klote/Kut
    Testicles/Vagina. These are basically the masculine and feminine versions of the same thing. The words can be used as a noun, verb or adjective. Closer to c*nt or balls really. But it's oddly used in phrases like "ik voel me kut" which literally translates to "I feel like c*nt" meaning I'm feeling under the weather. Or "het weer is klote" translating to "the weather is balls" meaning this weather is terrible. However if you call someone a Klote or Kut it's pretty offensive.
  8. Kanker
    Cancer. The Dutch love to hurl insults at each other by telling them to go and get a disease. Or they'd just use it when they slammed their hand in a door or something. You trip over a rock and you'd yell out "Kanker!" like it was a terrible thing that just happened. Cancer, for whatever reason, is a popular disease to throw out as an insult. They stick it on everything. "Kankerhoer" means cancer whore. "Sterf aan Kanker!" means I hope you die of cancer! That sort of thing.