80s Hair Products

I grew up in the era is hair mousse and huge hair — the 1980s! A lot of these products aren't around anymore. And that's probably a good thing. What products did you all use? What did I miss? Suggest away! (Or am I the only old person in ListApp?) h/t to @seantimberlake for this list inspiration (listpiration)!
  1. Dippity-Do
  2. LA Looks
  3. Aussie
    Do they still make this? And if so, does it still smell like artificial grape?
  4. DEP
  5. Loreal Studio
    I think we actually still had a bottle of this floating around our bathroom cabinet up until a few years ago.
  6. Hair Crimper
  7. AquaNet
    This is a classic. I think they still make it?
  8. BedHead
  9. Benders
    My friend Carrie had these. I'm sure tons of other friends of mine did too. But she's the only one that I saw use them in her hair. They were weird.
  10. Finesse
  11. Salon Selective
    My mom bought this for us. I think they had a weird apple scent to the shampoo?
  12. Prell
  13. The banana clip
    I remember watching Star Trek: the Next Generation and thinking "why is Geordi La Forge wearing a banana clip on his face?"
  14. Rave
  15. Hair bands with big balls on the end
    True story: I used to make dresses for my sister's Barbie dolls by sewing together tubes of scrap fabric and then sliding the doll into the tube. Then I would cinch the waist using the hair band with the plastic balls as a "belt". The ball color had to coordinate with the fabric. It was very couture chic. To this day I am still unclear as to why my parents were surprised when I came out of the closet to them. (My sister was NOT surprised however.)
  16. Pazazz Shimmery Hair Gel
    Holy crap! I totally forgot this existed. But it was hair gel that had colored glitter in it. Yes I used it. I am so gay.
  17. Stiff Stuff
    The nozzle for this pump used to get all clogged up. But I used it anyway.
  18. Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo
    Do they still make this? It was so smelly!
  19. Clairol Lock 'n Roll rollers
    Great memories of these products, @eatthelove! I too must be one of those "old" people on @list because I still rock my Lock 'n Roll rollers once in a while AND I still keep them in the ORIGINAL BOX!
    Suggested by   @betsybasom
  20. Conair Geometrix 5 in 1
    Totally had this. Mostly used the spiral and zigzag attachment. (Not together 😊). Experimented with the triangle and crimper.
    Suggested by   @rulesofjinx
  21. Scrunchies
    For the side ponies
    Suggested by   @jaidub
  22. Clairol Lock 'n Roll curlers
    Suggested by   @TT
  23. Vidal Sassoon shampoo
    The scent was a fashion statement. And it made my hair sooo silky. They make a different version now that's disappointing to me, but they also make this stuff with the "I ionic scent" (pictured).
    Suggested by   @Starmist