These books are just sitting on my virtual iPad bookshelf, ready for me to read them but I haven't started any yet. Need to start reading again. Which should I start first? Or do you have a suggestion for another book for me based on what's on this list?
  1. Crooked by Austin Grossman
    I really liked "Soon I Will Be Invincible" but I found "You: a Novel" to be a mess. So I haven't started Crooked yet. Have you read it?
  2. The Girl In the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz
    I really loved the Millenium trilogy but I know that this will disappoint me the way ALL books disappoint me when someone else tries to continue the series (something I learned early in my childhood when I tried to read the OZ books that WEREN'T written by Frank L. Baum). But I know I'll eventually breakdown and read it. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  3. The Martian by Andy Weir
    Haven't seen the movie yet either. But I had grandiose plans on reading the book first then watching the movie and being THAT guy that complains how the movie deviates so much from the book...
  4. Reamde AND/OR Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
    I've never read any Neal Stephenson before but I feel like I should. Are these good ones to start with? Which one should I read first? Or should I start somewhere else? Maybe I should just jump to his latest Seveneves or go back to Snow Patrol? Thoughts on this?
  5. The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins
    I often feel pressure to read books that are SUPER popular because I want to be "in the know" but I have been seriously burned by this before. Twilight was the WORST book I've ever read and I physically threw it across the room after I finished it. I couldn't get through Gone Girl because I found it boring and didn't care for any of the characters. Is this another one of those "maybe I'll just read the Wikipedia entry instead" scenarios? Or is it worth reading?
  6. Purity by Jonathan Franzen
    I really enjoyed The Corrections and thought Freedom was engaging enough. But mixed reviews of Purity make me hesitate to start it. And @natecorddry's mini review of it on his list makes me want to read less now...
  7. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
    This is a no brainier for me. I actually really love the Cormoran Strike series and the comfort of reading J.K. Rowlings prose makes me feel like snuggling into a warm blanket on a chilly night. I actually don't know why I haven't started this one yet...
  8. Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
    I have it but I can't make myself to read it...
  9. Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman
    I'm a big Neil Gaiman fan (why isn't he on ListApp?) but I'm less enthusiastic about short stories in general. I like to sink my teeth into things. But I'll still get around to reading this...