90s Women Alt Rockers That I Loved

I grew up in the 80s and then came of age in the 90s. A big chunk of music I listened to was created by women. And I'm not talking Lilith Fair quality stuff (though I certain listened to my fair share of that too). Slightly late for International Women's Day but here's a list of some awesome women rock stars that I listened to from the 90s...
  1. PJ Harvey
    I don't really listen to her newer stuff. But Dry and Rid of Me were on constant rotation in college.
  2. Ani diFranco
    My love of her is proof that I am secretly a lesbian. That and my extensive tea collection.
  3. Kristin Hersh from Throwing Muses
    I absolutely adore her. All her work. Even her most recent stuff.
  4. Kim Deal from The Pixies/Breeders
    Long time fan. Gigantic by The Pixies was on constant rotation in my CD player back in college. Still think it's the best Pixies song. Sorry Black Francis!
  5. Tanya Donelly from Throwing Muses/Breeders/Belly
    Happy to hear Belly reformed!
  6. Aimee Mann
    She became so much more awesome when she went solo from 'Til Tuesday though I loved that stuff too. Not super enthusiastic about her work w/ Ted Leo (The Both) but still respect it.
  7. Bjork
    The weirder she gets the more respect I have for her.
  8. Liz Phair
    TBH not super enthusiastic about her later stuff but her early work still blows me away.
  9. Sinead O'Connor
    I know she gets a lot of flack but I really loved her 90s stuff and her most recent releases were a nice return to form.
  10. Miki Berenyi of Lush
    I once told her she was awesome at Lollapalooza. She made fun of me.
  11. Emma Amderson of Lush/Sing Sing
    I could have lumped her in with Miki but she deserves her own bullet point. So happy Lush reunited!
  12. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth/Free Kitten/Glitterbust
    Kool Thing and Dirty were as punk as I got. The earlier stuff scared me and was too dissonant for my tender ears. I preferred the songs sung by Kim over Thurston.
  13. Juliana Hatfield of Blake Babies/Some Girls
    My friend called her a guilty pleasure but whatever. I had no guilt listening to her.
  14. Lois Maffeo (recorded under the name Lois)
    @boygirlparty says she's a journalist now. I hope she's still secretly recording songs and will eventually release them.
  15. Jenny Toomey of Tsunami/Simple Machines record label
    See comment above for Lois. Even though she's a director at the Ford Foundation she did recently surface on a 7" single so I hope to hear more from her. http://bandwidth.wamu.org/jenny-toomey-returns-to-music-after-a-12-year-hiatus/
  16. Tori Amos
    I have very little interest in her later and more recent work but her first three albums were in my CD player forever. Especially Little Earthquakes.
  17. Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl/Marine Girls/solo work
    Everything she does is magic. She recently released a solo best of which is great. I also love her ongoing column in the News Statesman.
  18. Lisa Germano
    Criminally ignored, she was the violinist for John Cougar Mellencamp but she's released a number of excellent solo albums including the haunting Happiness and her subsequent album Geek the Girl.
  19. Rebecca Gates of the Spinanes
    I was sad that The Spinanes broke up as I listened to them a lot in college, even though their last album was basically a Rebecca Gates solo album. But she's continued to sporadically release stuff on her own. But those early 90s Spinanes albums!
  20. Anna Waronker of That Dog
    She's done solo stuff and the last That Dog album kind was a solo album of hers as well. Ik happy That Dog has reunited. I hope they put or sole new music. Or at least tour a bit and come up to SF!
  21. Stina Nordenstam
    If anyone can tell me what she is up to now, I'd be ever so grateful. I loved her music.
  22. Barbara Manning
    Her guitar work influenced Liz Phair and slew of other indie pop/rock artists but she never got any of the fame. People need to know about her.
  23. Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap/The Softies/Gaze/Knife Pleats
    Huge fan of hers. I saw her at a concert once and got her AND her mom to sign a poster for me.
  24. Georgia Hubley from Yo La Tengo
    Drummer and vocalist of Yo La Tengo. When I discovered YLT with their album "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" I was all "holy crap! Why did I not know about this band before hand?!?" I was so late in the game but I quickly devoured their back catalog.
  25. Carol van Dijk of Bettie Serveert
    I think they're still kicking around but I listened to Palomine and Lamprey constantly when they both came out.
  26. Elizabeth Mitchell of Ida
    She's collaborated a lot with Lisa Loeb (her and her husband Dan Littleton of Ida played background music for Lisa's big hit "Stay") and now she basically just does children's music but I loved her work with the band Ida. I hope they continue to do some more stuff in the future. Big fan of theirs.
  27. Jill Sobule
    She's still rocking out and her show with Julia Sweeney as the Jill and Julia Show is fabulous. If you ever have a chance to see it, go!
  28. Bridget Cross of Velocity Girl/Unrest/Air Miami/Maybe It's Reno
    She's had some personal difficulties in the past (including a run in with the Alaska police) but she's still a great musician. I don't know what she's done since her Maybe It's Reno album from 2008... (Do you know @boygirlparty?)