I have chronic sinusitis so I am a connoisseur of material to blow your nose on. Here's my definitive list.
  1. Puffs Plus with Lotion
    Controversial because of the addition of lotion, If you blow your nose as often as I do, this material is the best. Otherwise your nose gets chapped. Serious. If you aren't used to the lotion however, it will feel greasy and potential cause you to break out. But this is risk worth taking to prevent the pain of a chapped nose. HOWEVER if you only blow your nose occasionally, skip down to #3.
  2. Kleenex with Lotion
    See above. Slight inferior because it is thinner and only dispenses one at a time. The ability to grab large amount is tissue is key when leaving the house. Having to individually take them out of the box and fold them is a time waste.
  3. Puff Basics
    Skip the Puffs with menthol or the Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong. They cost more and the lotion or the basic is enough for most everyday use. The ultra soft & strong is nice but too thick and and almost designed for multiple use. Tissue, by its very nature, should be disposable single use.
  4. Kleenex Everyday
    Skip the specialty stuff. Especially the anti-viral unless you are in a crowded work environment or a large family living situation. And even then it's not necessary. Strictly a marketing ploy. The everyday is fine. See above for reasoning.
  5. Other brands of facial tissue
    Not as good as Puffs or Kleenex but perfectly acceptable and preferred over other options lower on this list.
  6. Brand name toilet paper
    Toilet paper is inferior to facial tissue for a number of reasons. The paper is linty, and can exacerbate your sinus issues by creating even more dust when you blow into it. It is also thinner and will fall apart as its designed to disintegrate in moisture (the definition of septic safe). Finally it's much less travel friendly and cumbersome. However if tissue isn't available, brand name toilet paper is probably your next best option. Go with Kleenex Cottonelle or Charmin Ultra Soft if you can.
  7. Generic toilet paper in a home.
    Rough and scratchy I hate using this to wipe my bum, much less wipe my nose. But if nothing else above is available, I'll use it.
  8. Generic toilet paper in a public restroom
    This stuff is gossamer thin and will fall apart if you even try to breathe on it. If you must use it, be sure to fold it up twice or three times before attempting to clear your nostrils. And wash your hands afterwards. Also look in the mirror to make sure no stray pieces of toilet paper are stuck to your nose or face, adhered to by the sticky snot you just tried to expel.
  9. Napkins at home
    I usually opt for napkins over paper towels (unless Viva paper towels are available) as they are smoother and less rough on your nose. Unless you have bought the super cheap napkins that have texture. Those are terrible. Avoid those. Be sure to unfold napkins completely as a full napkin unfolded will be too thick for proper nose blowing.
  10. Paper towel at home
    Rough and harsh on your nose, I avoid using paper towels unless I am desperate. That said, Viva is the softest out there. Other ones are fairly rough but will do in a pinch.
  11. Paper towels at fancy hotels and restaurants
    The ones that are thick and luscious, found at the Four Seasons or St. Regis hotel are nice and soft but a little thick for blowing your nose on. But they will work in a pinch. However most fancy hotels and restaurants have facial tissue available so opt for that first. If they are out check the quality of the toilet paper. It's usually pretty good. But use your best judgment and if the paper towels are softer or sturdier go for them.
  12. Cheap brown recycled paper towels
    Ugh. If you have to, use them. But it's very low on the list. Minimal absorption and rough like sandpaper. A half step up from using notebook paper.
  13. Handkerchief
    So I get that the handkerchief is suppose to be a great piece of material for blowing your nose. But it's pretty rare that you have the chance to use one. Plus once your used it, you have to stick it back in your pocket wet, and then it dries crusty and stiff. If you have to use it again, your using a wet snotty rag or a stiff hard cloth. Both not optimum. Sorry. The handkerchief is low on my list. (Maybe I'm not fancy enough for it.)
  14. Skiing snot gloves.
    A lot of fancier ski gloves now come with a soft "snot" pad on their finger for you to wipe your nose as you ski. It's kind of gross but it's better than letting your snot just run down your face I guess.
  15. An old tshirt that I don't even bother to wear to the gym.
    I've done it. I'm not proud. But it was all that was available. I immediately threw it in the hamper afterwards.
  16. Sleeve
    What are you 5 years old? Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve. It's bad for your clothes, is unhygienic, and also kind of gross. This is an utter last resort for me. And it should be for you too. I mean do you really want to be wearing a shirt with wet or dry snot on your sleeve? If so, please don't introduce yourself to me by shaking my hand. Thank you.