Because @lenadunham casually mentioned in a comment that she wanted to see a few. And I love to overshare.
  1. Soft wood edge grain cutting board made by my partner's father for me. Finished with raw Tung oil (still in the process of staining/finishing it. Probably one or two more coats will do)
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    Bosc pears used for scale. My partner's dad had never made an edge grain cutting board before and he was scared to waste a piece of expensive hardwood so he used a piece of cheap soft wood instead when I told him I only really wanted it for photography food propping.
  2. Olive wood cutting board. Nothing special about it but I do love the organic shape.
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    Kumquats shown for scale. Get them now before the season ends!
  3. Another board my partner's father made for me. Finished with butcher block wax (a mix of beeswax and food grade mineral oil).
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    I particularly love the stripes in this one. Wasn't expecting it when it arrived. The lemon used to show scale is from my backyard lemon tree.
  4. I love the "live edge" of this board. It must have been made from a particularly oddly shaped tree trunk. Found at a discount housewares place like TJ Maxx or Marshall's.
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    Birds beak chili (chile de arbol) are shown for scale. Fun fact, when using the chilis, grind them with the stems to keep the heat. But if your heat averse remove the stems, the caps of the chili and the seeds.
  5. My friends Todd & Diane of White on Rice Couple gave me this cutting board. I had grandiose plans to paint the edges white with milk paint and wrap a leather cord around the handle. Hasn't happened yet.
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    Coffee beans shown for scale are from Four Barrel coffee roaster. Our coffee bean of choice because of the quality and the fact that we live four blocks away from the coffee shop.
  6. I go this cutting board at Tupelo Honey Cafe in Knoxville, TN on our cross country road trip in the summer of 2013.
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    The meal from the restaurant didn't live up to the hype. But I'm quite fond of the golden hue of this cutting board. The wedge of stinky Taleggio cheese shown for scale is our go to reasonably priced washed rind cheese of choice in this household.
  7. One of my larger prop cutting boards, it features a live edge on one side. The only problem I have with it is I don't care for the big hole in the corner. I often cover it up or photoshop it out in pictures when in use it.
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    Also we eat a lot of bananas in our household. Mostly because my partner is an avid cyclist and needs to replace his potassium.
  8. This cutting board was bought at a Traders Point Creamery in Indiana. I had lunch there with my friend Deb & Rod from the blog Smith Bites and saw a stack of them sitting in the gift shop. I had to restrain myself from buying them all up.
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    Those are homemade whoopie pies with raspberry marshmallow filling. I had them leftover from recipe developing.
  9. Tulip Popular wood made by my partner's father. Finished with butcher block wax (beeswax and food safe mineral oil mix).
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    Those are blood oranges shown for scale. My partner is obsessed with them when they come into season and devours as many as he can before they aren't available anymore.
  10. A petite cutting board with a live edge. I believe it's olive wood. Found at HomeGoods, the offshoot housewares store of TJ Maxx.
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    Those are hazelnut cocoa linzer cookies filled with blackberry mint jam on the cutting board for scale. The cookies was inspired by my annual pilgrimage to Portland each year. Oregon's main produce exports include hazelnuts & blackberries.
  11. Two Acacia wood cutting boards. Both fairly small. Found at another discount housewares shop.
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    Indonesian long pepper on the left and rainbow peppercorns blend on the right. Fun fact, Acacia wood is the wood that the Biblical Ark of the Covenant is suppose to be made of!
  12. This is one of favorite cutting boards from my partner's father. Finished with raw Tung oil.
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    A slightly overripe mango there to show scale, it's one of the bigger cutting boards that I have. The raw Tung oil really gives the board a vintage look and feel. Not sure if you can make out the gorgeous beveled edge that my partner's father put on this board. I can't wait to photograph food on it.
  13. Bonus: not a cutting board but a nice piece of wood anyway. Live edge all the way around meaning this is a cross section from a tree trunk.
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    Seville orange used for scale. I believe this piece was bought at a store called Canoe in downtown Portland. They have beautiful things there. Highly recommended if you are in Portland to check it out.