My dad is in Taiwan so I didn't celebrate Father's Day with him. Instead we ended up having a couple of friends over for dinner. Here's how it went down...
  1. Feeling ambitious I decided to make pancetta, leek & spinach risotto arancini balls for an appetizer.
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    Make a simple risotto with pancetta, leeks and spinach. Cool and then form balls of risotto around small cubes of fresh buffalo mozzarella. Dip in beaten egg and roll in herb bread crumbs. Deep fry. Serve immediately. This is not something you whip up on a whim. But it was worth it. My guests ate 5 of them. Each.
  2. My friend said that he will never go bike riding with AJ again.
    They went on an 87 mile bike ride before dinner while I stayed home and cooked. AJ is at the peak of his riding ability, stronger than he has ever been. Our friend is...not as strong as he has been in the past. I believe the words he said as he entered or apartment was "Hi Irvin. AJ just tried to kill me. I would like to lie down now. And never get up." I offered him an arancini to help revive him and he said yes.
  3. While the main course was cooking I served up a composed salad of steamed asparagus, sliced radishes, peas, fresh mint, sheep milk yogurt, high quality extra virgin olive oil and lots of salt and pepper.
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    This ended up being pretty fantastic actually. I decided to blog about it at:
  4. Dishy gossip ensued.
    With 4 gay men, there had to be a little gossip involved. Found out that mutual friend #1 is now single (I didn't even know he was dating someone!), that mutual friend #2 had slept with mutual friend #1's boyfriend (but that's not the reason they broke up, apparent mutual friend #1 got around as well). Also learned that mutual friend #3 has a small penis. It felt like a very Sex and the City conversation now that I think of it.
  5. The main course was spaghetti and meatballs with oven roasted tomato, onion and garlic sauce.
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    You can get the recipe here:
  6. We continued to chat about things gay men chat about.
    Actually we mostly chatted about my friend's job. He's a nurse at a children's hospital in the hematology/oncology ward. He said that working there has made him less nice in life. It's because he deals with kids dying all the time and when someone outside of work reacts dramatically for little/no reason, he's all, yeah no, that's not life or death; go away. It was a fascinating perspective to have.
  7. Finally I served cherry and apricot coffee cake with cocoa cinnamon almond crumb topping for dessert.
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    A recipe from my book. Wanted to test it again so it did double duty. My guests had two servings of it (even though they claimed to be full) and AJ had four. So I'm going to say it was pretty good.
  8. AJ and I cleaned up as much as we could. But really that just meant putting the dishes in the kitchen. Then I blogged about #3 and crawled into bed. The apartment is a mess but it was all worth it. I love casual dinner parties!
    I hate the cleanup though.
  9. What did you guys do last night?