To set the stage, I've been sick since last Thursday. Only just getting better now.
  1. My partner @AJ has finished his semester teaching, graded all his tests, turned in all his grades AND prepped for his bicycle ride down to LA.
    Last test given Friday. Rode off today!
  2. All the while, he and also kept me hydrated, taken my temperature regularly, and ran out to get me soup numerous times.
    He's seriously the best. Ever. I am very lucky.
  3. Today I dropped him off for the AIDS Lifecycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA.
    It takes a week to do the ride. He loves it. He calls it gay summer camp.
  4. The opening ceremony is totally moving. We hold hands. We think of those who have past on. And we watch a riderless bike get wheeled down the aisle in symbol of all who aren't with us anymore.
    I nearly always breakdown when this happens. It's a combination of lack of sleep (the ceremony is at 6am) and my heart breaking when I see the bike. Usually I can keep it together though.
  5. But today, for the first time, I dropped him off without going to the opening ceremonies and cheered him on as he rode off.
    I needed to get back to bed and rest.
  6. And now I miss him terribly.
    The bed feels very large and empty without him.
  7. Have a great ride @AJ! I'll see you in LA in a week!!!
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    Go Riders!