Today was @AJ's 1st day back at work! He's a professor of chemistry at a community college. I helped him settle into his office because of his broken ankle & shoulder. I had forgotten that he has a collection of Star Wars Potato Heads on display! Yes, he's that professor...
  1. Darth Tater
    360e5bae 0680 4d23 b1ff 2711baeadf0f
  2. Luke Frywalker
    E2238cad 3b5d 4793 9c19 96177d3d53c9
  3. Artoo-Potatoo
    19189820 3068 4d95 9cb7 7b795d04b9f2
  4. Spud Trooper
    D536b2f1 4b8a 4457 b013 302d79869e70
    Note the awesome potato masher gun in his arm.
  5. Darth Mash
    D105b0d9 62a2 4a51 b6b1 c2b2a7810d5b
  6. Princess Tater
    4dde5011 3927 4719 9e24 caa0caef2774
  7. Yam Solo
    6349ca8e b4b6 43cd a5e7 fc1d2bda4d67
  8. Spuda Fett
    7913081e d9d5 486e b803 b0696d74073b
  9. Mashter Yoda
    230335e9 a8c2 406c 87aa 511951106c92
  10. Chipbacca
    D45cb30f 05e1 47fd 8f2d e62a0f7b4ec8
  11. C3-PotatO
    Fe155224 bd68 4700 9c18 f5209b1eebd9
  12. Bonus: Giant Darth Tater Container
    E24b9391 db0d 4a85 9082 159270241044
    Special edition version that was sold and contained Darth Tater, Spud Trooper & Artoo-Potatoo. (not really THAT special, I got it for him at CostCo)