All the Boring Food I Ate in LA

To clarify, the food I ate in LA was NOT boring. I just thought this list would interest no one. But then @RachelP requested it, so by not very popular demand, here it is. FYI, I went to LA to eat & hang w/friends. But I told everyone I was in town for "pilot season" because that seemed like a more reasonable thing to say to folks than "to eat"...
  1. Also, just to clarify even more, I usually don't take photos of my food unless I'm working on an assignment. I'm not that type of guy. BUT I have a project I'm working on w/a different social media platform that required me to post photos of food. So I took advantage of my LA trip take a bunch of food pics.
    I apologize to all my friends down in LA who had to suffer through my photographing. They were all very understanding. But I really hate being that cliched food guy taking pics before the food gets eaten. I swear I'm usually not that obnoxious! Also, the lighting in most of these photos are crap so don't judge me on the photo quality please.
  2. Wednesday night - Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong - recommended by @eater LA. We had never been there before (though we had been to Park's the #2 on the list, this one was #1. It was pricey but worth it!)
    Boneless Short Rib
  3. Wednesday night - Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong
    Seasoned Prime Short Rib
  4. Wednesday night - Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong
    Ribeye Beef
  5. Wednesday night - Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong
    Pork Belly
  6. Wednesday night - Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong
    Spicy paste cold noodles. I was slightly skeptical of ordering this but it was a great contrast to the seared meat. Super refreshing.
  7. Thursday - Huckleberry's in Santa Monica.
    @AJ and both get the Croque Madame sandwich which is an open faced ham sandwich with bechamel sauce and two over easy eggs on top. It's really good.
  8. Thursday - Huckleberry's in Santa Monica.
    We got a selection of baked goods including that kouign amann with blood orange and pistachios you see in the foreground of the photo and a cinnamon roll in the background.
  9. Thursday - Huckleberry's in Santa Monica.
    I also got a blueberry brioche, a chocolate kouign amann, monkey bread and something else. I can't remember. I have no control when I'm at Huckleberry's and AJ went to the bathroom which means I was left to fend on my own. Not a good situation when there are baked goods in front of me. AJ is basically my self control. And when he goes away all bets are off.
  10. Thursday - Amandine Coffee Shop
    Went to get coffee and do a little work with my friend Rita after going to the Getty Center. Ended up getting a slice of Black Forest cake. Along with a latte. Or a mocha. I can't remember.
  11. Thursday - Amandine Coffee Shop
    Also a berry tart. It was on some sort of special 50% off after 4pm deal and I'm a sucker for discounts and deals.
  12. Thursday - Jitlada. We try to go with at LEAST a minimum of 4 people but 6 to 8 is preferred so we can order more dishes. We got 6 folks to go this time. One had only gone once before when she was a vegetarian (she eats meat now). One had never gone. They both loved it.
    Papaya salad. This is one of the few overlapping dishes that @bjnovak also orders. Definitely recommended.
  13. Thursday - Jitlada
    Green Curry Clams. Usually we get the green curry mussels. But they were out of mussels so they served clams in its place. We did not complain. They are amazing either way and they are basically a vehicle for the broth. Oh that broth. I could eat it by the spoonful like soup (and did).
  14. Thursday - Jitlada
    Crying Tiger Beef (super spicy but super good). That's Shrimp Pad Thai in the background as well. We got it because we knew from experience we needed something mellow as well to balance the spice. Plus it's a familiar dish for the newbies.
  15. Thursday - Jitlada
    Dry curry pork. Probably the spicy food I've ever eaten, but spicy with flavor, not spicy for spicy sake. Worth the burn. In the background is pumpkin curry chicken wings. This was a new dish to us but the newbie mentioned that chicken wings sounded good. We asked what the server would recommended and she said this one. It was excellent.
  16. Thursday - Jitlada
    Mango sticky rice. Much needed cool down dish for the meal.
  17. Friday - almond latte at G & B coffee at Grand Central Market
    So AJ went off on a bike ride and I decided to go downtown and wait in line to get tickets for @thebroadmuseum. I stopped at G & B and got a latte first. Almost got a pastry too but opted not too. I had leftover pastries from Huckleberry's earlier that morning when I woke up.
  18. Friday - DTLA Cheese at Grand Central Market
    After getting tickets for us I went back to Grand Central Market but sadly Eggslut was closed so I decided to get an avocado toast from DTLA Cheese. It had herb ricotta on it and slivers of green onion. Excellent if slightly overpriced.
  19. Friday - DTLA at Grand Central Market
    Farro and Kale salad covered in Ricotta Salata. I thought I needed more greens as well after eating so much meat. But I couldn't finish the salad because I was full from the avocado toast.
  20. Friday - Bar 9 in Culver City
    Actually I got the pear and ginger drinking vinegar at this super hipster LA coffee shop that is so hip they don't even have a sign telling where or what the building is. You just gotta know! They serve all the drinks in jars that you can take with you. But I didn't take a photo of the drinking vinegar, I only took a photo of AJ's latte. So that will have to do.
  21. Friday - G & B coffee again
    After our visit to The Broad, we had 1/2 hour to kill before meeting our friends for dinner. So we went back to G & B (well AJ hadn't been there yet, so technically I was the only one that went back) and got a ginger beer and AJ got a latte. I didn't take a photo of either so here are photos of baked goods from G & B that I didn't buy or eat.
  22. Friday - Myung Dong Kyoja
    Meeting up with friends we went to one of my favorite Korean Noodle shops we always get their pork dumplings. We ended up getting 2 orders actually. Totally unnecessary because we had too much food. But whatever.
  23. Friday - Myung Dong Kyoja
    I always get their signature Manduk dumpling soup, which is a pork dumpling soup with ground chicken and vegetables and noodles. It's totally comfort food for me. Some people find it a bit bland but I just make up for that by eating a lot of kimchi.
  24. Friday - Myung Dong Kyoja
    Oh and we also got bulgogi (marinated beef) which was totally unnecessary. But very much appreciated by the table.
  25. Friday - Myung Dong Kyoja
    Also, they have some of my favorite kimchi. Well, next to my homemade stuff. But I make kimchi to my own tastes so that is to be expected.
  26. Friday - Sweet Rose Ice Cream
    After noodles we headed to get ice cream. I'm going to admit that I love Sweet Rose Ice Cream but the ice cream shops in SF are better. Sorry Sweet Rose. But I'm not going to turn it down. I got pear honey frozen yogurt and fresh mint chocolate chip. Actually Sweet Rose's fresh mint ice cream is what inspired me to make my fresh mint ice cream. I like mine better but it's always nice to go back and taste the inspiration (which is still quite good).
  27. Saturday - Hummus Factory
    @AJ somehow tricked me into going on a 20 mile bike ride in the morning. I didn't eat much beforehand so I was pretty starving by the time we had lunch. We stopped in El Segundo and I got the "Protein Plate" with 3 types of meat. Gyro, spiced chicken and lula (ground seasoned beef). It also came with a salad and hummus. Apparently I was starving because I ate the entire plate (with AJ's help).
  28. Saturday - Tsujita
    This is one of my favorite ramen spots in LA. It's all about their 60 hour pork broth. Totally good. I got the Char Siu Tonkotsu Ramen with menma (bamboo shoots). Our friends got the Tsukemen Noodles which you can see in the background.
  29. Saturday - Blockheads
    No trip to Sawtelle is compete without getting Taiwanese snow milk. I got green tea with honey boba and lychee. AJ got black sesame with red bean. Our friends got the original with lychee fruit. We couldn't finish ours since we were so stuffed. Such a waste! Should have powered through but I was actually so full that I was uncomfortable.
  30. Sunday - Urth Caffe
    We headed back to SF on Sunday, to beat the MLK Monday traffic. But before we did, we swung West Hollywood and grabbed some coffee (large French press to share & mocha to go) at Urth Caffe as well as have their cinnamon bread pudding with caramelized apples and steamed almond milk for breakfast.
  31. Sunday - Urth Caffe
    Oh yeah and AJ had a seeded bagel with blackberry jam and cream cheese. I had a bite or two of it because I really like their bagels.
  32. And that's it!
    And TBH I'm still kind of full from this trip. Ugh. So much food. But I'll be back in June. Probably going to eat all this again... Oh and if you followed me on Snapchat (same username @eatthelove) you would have seen this all in realtime. But whatever. A list is so much better right?