This is going to bore you. But I'm mostly writing it for myself. So I don't care if you like it or not.
  1. Friday
    Drive to LA by taking a different route than I usually do. Less traffic than using 80 to 580 to 5 so that's a win. Arrived at friend's house and grabbed a soup & salad at Bristol Farms. Hung out and chatted until 1am and crashed on their couch. Felt like I was 24 yo again.
  2. Saturday
    Wake up. Play with friend's 2 yo kid for an hour (so crazy cute!) then picked up my partner @AJ. Cheered other cyclists in from the AIDS Lifecycle who rode 545 miles from SF to LA. I missed @AJ a ton. Happy to be reunited! Went to all you can eat Korean BBQ at Road to Seoul. Definitely got $$$ worth. They rode 545 miles! They were very hungry. Also learned "Road to Seoul Beef" was beef belly. Seriously good stuff.
  3. Sunday
    Meet @AJ's cycling buddies at Urth Caffe in WeHo. Chill and walked around afterwards. Had ramen out near LAX. Dropped off friend at airport afterwards. Met up with ListApp folks! Hi @angusisley @jcrusius @michelle @Nicholas @lindsinger and others! I'm missing some others. I know I am. Who else was there? I loved you all! We closed the place down. Then stood around outside and chatted further. ListApp is the best! I have definitely drunk the KoolAid.
  4. Monday
    Laundry day, then met up with @lindsinger & @lilydiamond for ice cream at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in Los Feliz. Also hung out with Lauren Graham & Mae Whitman though they didn't know we were hanging out with them. I'm OK with that. Went to Griffith Park for a short meandering hike then decided to get Korean Noodles & dumplings at Myung Dong Kyoja. The kimchi was as good as I remembered. Spontaneously went to see Spy at the Arclight. I ❤️ Melissa McCarthy.
  5. Tuesday
    Breakfast w/friends at Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe. Too early for their Croque Madame sandwich so we got the inferior (but still tasty) egg sandwich. Bought way too many pastries. Accidentally got an extra kouign amann. Not complaining. Ran into a food writer friend from the SF Bay Area. Small world! Went to the Getty for their photo exhibit then onto dinner at Jitlada where my mouth was set on fire. Back to friend's house to play new board game, Gravwell. Fun!
  6. Wednesday
    Last minute invite to food writer's event. Hung out w/ @lilydiamond @alanakysar & @mollyyeh! Very cool. ListApp folks FTW! Ate late lunch ramen at Tsujita on Sawtelle then got Taiwanese snow at Blockheads. Went to the Annenberg Photography Center & saw an inspiring Emerging Photographers exhibit. Joked about "taking a meeting" w/ agents as the building is next to CAA & everyone was walking around in power suits. Got coffee at Urth again. Went to play more board games w/friends.
  7. Thursday
    Packed up bags, made our way over to Bay City Deli to pick up sandwiches and drive home! Bye LA! Hope to get back soon...