I spontaneously went to LA with my partner @AJ for a couple of days last week. I was going to invite myself over to the @list office to give them homemade cookies as a thank you for the awesomeness of this app and community but by then decided not to. But that doesn't mean ListApp wasn't on my mind the entire time I was in LA.
  1. To be honest, I baked my salted multigrain chocolate chunk cookies the night before for a last minute project. They're awesome (if I do say so myself).
    I'm demoing the cookies at Macy's in a couple of weeks. I needed to develop the recipe and photograph it before I left for LA.
  2. And I thought, hey this would be the perfect excuse to invite myself to the ListApp office!
    But by the time I realize this, the cookies were two days old. Not optimum. So I gave them to my friends instead.
  3. But that doesn't mean I didn't have ListApp on my mind!
    For instance...
  4. I went to @thebroadmuseum!
    I learned about it here 1st on ListApp! I'm just mad (at myself) that I had to wait in line for day of tickets (it was too much of a last minute trip for us to get online tix). I wanted to be all "DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!? I'M ON LISTAPP!" But I didn't. Because I'm not that sort of guy. But it was worth the wait! The infinity room is 💯! (That's @AJ in the room with me).
  5. I ended up ordering avocado toast at DTLA Cheese at Grand Central Market
    Here's the deal. I don't know why but everyone on ListApp is obsessed with avocado toast. So I felt inspired to buy a really expensive version of it at Grand Central Station. I thought of @gabimoskowitz and everyone else as I ate it.
  6. I also went to Jitlada (which I know is a fave of @bjnovak because he made a list about it ages ago in the beta days)
    I've actually been going to Jitlada since 2008 and I get completely different dishes than what BJ gets. Except for the papaya salad. Also Jazz, the owner, is the best and recognized me even though I only go there about once every 6 months. She asked me why it had been so long since she saw me last.
  7. And that's about it. I mean I did a ton of other stuff (well mostly eat) but none of that is specifically related to ListApp. But I had you on my mind ListApp! Thanks for the laughs.
    Maybe I'll make a really boring list of what I ate in LA. We'll see.