Another battle list (inspired by the classic ListApp game started by @angusisley). This round features classic 80s sitcoms starring a child robot vs. an alien/human offspring with powers. Hilarity & hijinks always ensue! Which one will come out on top?
  1. Small Wonder/V.I.C.I.: has a mediocre intro and theme song with generic character and actor name shots.
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  2. Out of this World/Evie: has a pretty catchy theme song and an intro that basically explains the origin and premise of the show succinctly in 60 seconds.
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    Point: 50
  3. V.I.C.I: an android that takes everything she told literally, thus causing hilarity.
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    Point: 30
  4. Evie: a teenager that discovers she has the power to stop time by just touching her index fingers together which she often misuses causing hijinks.
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    Point: 60
  5. V.I.C.I: Occasionally breaks down and freezes.
    Point: 10
  6. Evie: when she freezes time, everyone else around her freezes. But she can also selectively unfreeze people!
    Point: 60
  7. V.I.C.I.: invented by her father who takes her home to help her learn human emotions.
    Point: 20
  8. Evie: Father is an alien who fell in love with a woman but then had to leave Earth to go back to his home planet. Apparently alien and human DNA and anatomy are compatible!
    Point: 50
  9. V.I.C.I.: Artificial intelligence! This will eventually be the downfall of all humankind if feature films is any indication, but somehow in the TV show its whimsically amusing.
    Point: 45
  10. Evie: human intelligence. Has the usual precocious intelligently so if a teen girl. Will probably not cause the downfall of humanity.
    Point 15
  11. Small Wonder/V.I.C.I.: even though she is an android, she mysteriously grows every season so the writers have to explain this by saying she got a "body upgrade".
    Point 20
  12. Out of this World/Evie: as she grows older she totally gets new powers like the ability to "gleep" which totally let's her magical produce things out of thin air that she thinks about.
    Point 50
  13. Small Wonder/V.I.C.I.: had guest star Jesse Ventura as well as a small reoccurring roll for a very young Brian Austin Green!
    Point 20
  14. Out of this World/Evie: had awesome 80s era guest stars like Mr. T, Scott Baio and Tiffany!
    Point 50
  15. Small Wonder/V.I.C.I.: the father is mechanical engineer that invented V.I.C.I. He cares for his family but is otherwise a rather bland and forgettable character.
    Point 10
  16. Out of this World/Evie: absent alien father is never seen but communicated through a glowing crystal Lego pyramid. The father's voice is actually Burt Reynolds!
    Point 30
  17. Small Wonder/V.I.C.I.
    Total points: 155
  18. Out of this World/Evie
    Total points: 365
  19. WINNER: Out of this World!
  20. V.I.C.I.: Grew up to be "Ex Machina."
    10 points
    Suggested by @angusisley