Draft Week (thanks @john!) #2! The reason I never published this is because I KNOW that there are some awesome excuses I've heard that didn't make it onto this list. But I can't remember them so this what I have so far...
  1. "I would love to join but my DVR is getting full and it's stressing me out."
    I feel you.
  2. "My Wicca group meets then and I'm going to be up at Witch Mountain..."
    Didn't they try to ESCAPE from Witch Mountain in that Disney movie?
  3. "I'll be canning a 120 pounds of heirloom tomatoes that weekend."
    Yes this person is on ListApp.
  4. "I ate too much ice cream today and I think it's best I stay home."
    As someone who is lactose intolerant myself, she probably is doing everyone a favor by sequestering herself...
  5. "I can't. I already have plans to go to Fist Fest."
    I want to see THAT evite. Actually, no I don't. (PSA: do not Google "Fist Fest") 👊🎉