Best Kick Ass Female Action Heroes on Tv (Open List)

Maybe it's the gay in me, but I love a strong female character that kicks ass. These are a few (TV live action only) that I would want watching my back in a knife fight. Who'd I miss?
  1. Wonder Woman
    I mean come on. She was fighting for your rights, I'm her satin tights!
  2. Buffy Summers
    I debated on using Faith Lehane on here instead because she kicks ass slightly more in my book but in the end I decided Buffy deserves to be on the list. But now I realize I can have both on the list! I make the rules!
  3. Faith Lehane
    I was trying not to go overboard w/Joss Whedon characters but @gigi & @daniellenuss convinced me that Faith, the bad ass slayer on Buffy deserved to be on this list as well.
  4. Sydney Bristow
    No explanation needed. Sydney Bristow kicked ass.
  5. Emma Peel
    There'd be no Sydney Bristow without Mrs. Peel.
  6. Sabrina Duncan
    The smart one of Charlie's Angels. I liked her best.
  7. Jaime Sommers
    When I'm feeling particular sloggy on the treadmill at the end of my run, I mentally imagine myself as her and that gives me a little bit of extra push. (Did I type that for everyone to read? Please forget it if you ever meet me in person.)
  8. Starbuck (Kara Thrace)
    I'm the poorly remade Bionic Woman show that aired in 2007, Katee Sackoff appeared as the evil Bionic Woman. Basically she was Starbuck. I was totally OK with that. In fact I think the show would have lasted longer had it been called The Evil Bionic Woman and had Katee as the lead.
  9. Olivia Dunham
    Though I kind of liked her warmer alternative Fauxlivia character more.
  10. Dana Scully
    If I included Olivia Dunham, I have to include her predecessor Dana. She has the best resting bitch face!
  11. Agent 99
    I mean seriously. Does anyone think Maxwell Smart would be alive if it wasn't for his beautiful and whip smart partner?
  12. Basically every clone in Orphan Black
    How can I choose? I love them all! Also, actor Tatiana Maslany, you are amazing.
  13. River Tam
    I'm not a hardcore browncoat and honestly River didn't really show her kickass-ness until the movie but I do love Summer Glau so she made this list.
  14. Xena
    Though honestly it was hard for me to get past the cheese factor of Xena, I felt obligated to put her on this list.