Apparently this is becoming a thing for me. Here's a few of the best things I've read this past week.
  1. The slow death of Twitter
    Honestly, I loved Twitter when I joined in 2010. And a bunch of folks from ListApp have jumped ship from here to go back to Twitter. But for me, Twitter is pretty much dead now. I wish it wasn't. Here's an illustrated comic that explains succinctly why I loved Twitter and why I no longer go there.
  2. On the fight against HIV and AIDS — and on the people who really started the conversation.
    I was HORRIFIED & LIVID when Hillary Clinton made a statement about how Nancy Reagan started a conversation re:HIV & AIDS. The death of tens of thousands are on Reagan because they didn't speak about HIV or AIDS for way too long. Clinton apologized w/this article and at least it started a conversation about what has happened and where we need to go.
  3. Beads of Courage
    I don't talk about it much but my niece was diagnosed with retinoblastoma - a rare eye cancer when she was 16 months. She's fine and the cancer is in remission (She just started 1st grade this year) but I remember going to the children oncology wing of the hospital and it was heartbreaking. My friend Alic is a pediatric oncology nurse and wrote this piece about beads of courage. He's amazing.
  4. Kosher Fish Sauce!
    If I ever got cast on a cooking competition show (which is not going to happen - been down that path before) fish sauce would be my secret weapon ingredient. Here's a great article about Red Boat (my fish sauce of choice) and their new Kosher certified fish sauce. (Spoiler alert: it's excellent)
  5. Not Just a Death, a System Failure
    I think there is a major issue with the healthcare system and how we try to extend people's lives when it's clear it's time for people to say goodbye. I believe California JUST passed a law allowing people to choose to die on their own terms. It didn't pass soon enough.
  6. Why are people voting for Trump
    I consistently am trying to figure out who and why people would vote for Trump. Turns out I'm not the only one. Here's an interview of folks on why they are voting for Trump. Some of it (well, really most of it) is pretty scary. But at least I know.