Another week. Another list of stuff I read from around the web.
  1. Asian-American Actors are Fighting for Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored.
    This one goes with my last list. I have numerous friends in the Hollywood industry who gave up their dreams of acting because roles just weren't available for them or they didn't fit the stereotype "dragon lady" or "why naive butterfly". I'm glad that change is coming, no matter how slow it is.
  2. How Facebook Warps Our Worlds
    I've long believed that FB and its algorithm helps create virtual bubbles for each of us, making us more ignorant and intolerant of those that don't believe the same things we believe. Frank Bruni just wrote this theory in a much more elegant manner than I ever could.
  3. Eating Somali food? Don't forget the banana or you might get humiliated online.
    I like how this guy was slammed for his ignorance about the food on Twitter and instead of getting indignant and belligerent about it, he took it as a opportunity to learn more about the culture and share it with the LA Times readers. AND he had a sense of humor about it.
  4. At 96, Dr. Heimlich Uses His Own Maneuver on Choking Victim
    I love that he finally got a chance to use his own namesake maneuver. At 96! You're never too old to save a life.
  5. Dear Offended Christian, from a Very Tired Christian
    Thank you for this rant. I'm glad that my Christian friends are fed up with Christians that don't really act Christian (and post stuff like this on their own FB walls so I know others out there feel the same way.)
  6. Mind Your Own Womb
    And thank you for this rant! You never know WHY someone doesn't have kids or why they have so many. So please stop asking. It's none of your business.
  7. Why Running a Good Airport Restaurant Is So Difficult
    This gave me a better appreciation of the issues of serving decent food at airports. Also I've totally eaten at One Flew South in the Atlanta airport and I can attest that it is solid.
  8. Pete Souza: Photographing the Real Barack Obama
    This is more of a photo essay than something great I read but the text and story behind the photographer does add another layer of appreciation. It was the photo of Obama with the Spider-Man kid that got me the most. You can't fake that sort of humanity.