Every week I procrastinate from doing work by reading stuff on the Internet. Here's my favorites from the past week.
  1. The Two Asian Americas
    May is Asian American Pacific Islander Awareness Month. The history of of API-Americans is long and sordid. This is one of the better articles that I've read that showcase the issues and sketchy history Asians have had to face in the United States. http://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/the-two-asian-americas
  2. Ali Wong on Baby Cobra
    I love this interview with Ali Wong as she talks about filming this stand up show while 7 months pregnant. Hell yeah! http://www.vogue.com/13436447/ali-wong-baby-cobra-netflix-comedy-special/
  3. What Trans Men See that Women Don't
    I'm not sure I agree that trans men see the sexism and constant microaggressions more than a bio-woman. I know a whole heck of a lot of women Who are fully aware of the rampant sexism that occurs. But maybe articles like this will open the eyes of people who dismiss the sexism that occurs? Probably not. But still, happy the article was published, especially in a mainstream place like Time magazine. http://time.com/transgender-men-sexism/
  4. A Teacher's Mispronunciation of a Name can Leave a Lasting Impact
    I had friends growing up that constantly had their names mispronounced. It was tiresome. And apparently it can have a real lasting impact on kids. http://to.pbs.org/22lCFro
  5. It's the Hard Days that Determine Who You Are
    The author of Lean-In lost her husband a year ago. Then she found a deeper gratitude in her life. http://bit.ly/1OuQsny
  6. An Experimental Autism Treatment Cost Me My Marriage
    What happens when an autistic person who doesn't understand social and emotional cues all of sudden does? An experimental treatment cause that exact situation to occur and his life was turned absolutely upside down. This was utterly fascinating to me. http://nyti.ms/1RjQCy0
  7. Donald Trump & the Central Park Five.
    I keep getting more and more scared as Donald Trump gets closer and closer to the White House. http://bit.ly/1PR2kAG
  8. Ruth Coker Burks, the Cemetery Angel
    There are quiet heroes that do good just for the sake of doing good. Nothing made me more angry or more sad to read about gay men in the 80s who passed away from AIDS and who were abandoned by their family. This woman helped them pass on with dignity. I'm so glad she's finally getting some spotlight. http://bit.ly/1Mh9D6z
  9. The man with the amazing arm
    The future is here! I like how the arm he has also has a USB port. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3593535/The-man-amazing-arm-Britain-charge-phone.html
  10. How I Learned to Love Snapchat
    I'm growing to love Snapchat. I resisted forever. But it's my new favorite platform. This article helps explain the reasons why. http://nyti.ms/1RjS17X (h/t @THEToughCookie)