This is a day late. But Sunday was insane for me (list to come). So I didn't get around to finishing this until tonight.
  1. The Crippling Thing About Growing Up Poor That Stays With You Forever.
    I didn't grow up in this situation but I had friends that did. I also know a few folks here in ListApp that made lists about growing up poor (@merryjennifer @angusisley). Even so, this was eye opening to me.
  2. It's Cake All Day When You're Recipe Testing for a Dessert Cookbook
  3. The Dark Side of Guardian Comments
    Comments are the worst. Or maybe it's just that 99% of them are fantastic and 1% are awful and that 1% just stick with you. This article was illuminating on who and what the comment trolls respond to.
  4. In Search of the True Cost of Meat
    I'm not a vegetarian. But something has to change in our food system because the way we continue to raise animals and charge insanely cheap prices is just not sustainable. This basically is what no one wants to hear or talk about...
  5. Instagram is Ruining Vacations
  6. Dyson Air Blade Dryers Spread 60x More Viruses
    I've long HATED Dyson's Air blade dryers. I feel like they are an adult version of playing the game Operation, where you try desperately not to touch the sides of the walls of the dryer. But now there is empirical evidence that they should be banned for sanitary reasons.
  7. Why Is This Matzo Different From Other Matzos?
    Now I want to eat this matzo. Is it rude of me to buy some and bring it to the Seder dinner I'm going to this weekend?
  8. The Full Fat Paradox: Dairy Fat Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk
    I always tell people that whole milk not only tastes better but actually is better for you. Folks look at me like I'm crazy. I'm glad more people are finally realizing the truth. Whole milk rocks.