Every week I procrastinate by surfing the web. Here's some of the articles I found this week that I loved.
  1. Why Self Compassion Works Better than Self-Esteem
    Trying to raise kids self-esteem leads to a generation of narcissists. But self-compassion, actually helps in coping and resilience. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. http://theatln.tc/1WNQde2
  2. What Are People Working On In Coffee Shops
    I work at coffee shops all the time. And I always wonder what other folks are working on as well. I love that these folks decided to find out! http://bit.ly/27eOiEg
  3. Screw Finding Your Passion
    Sometimes you don't have to look too far to figure out what your passion is. But it's a matter of trusting yourself. http://markmanson.net/passion
  4. Why Do All Old Statues Have Small Penises
    Because someone finally asked the question we all had in art history 101. http://bit.ly/1T8K6ib
  5. This man was told his gay brother went missing by his Christian parents, decades later he found him
    This is total clickbait. Bur I fell for it and ending getting weepy. Also what sort of screwed up parents does this? Seriously. http://bit.ly/1TAHCWT
  6. Why Americans Ignore the Role of Luck In Everything.
    No one really wants to acknowledge that luck plays a role in success. But it does. http://sciof.us/1OpHPL0
  7. The Unhealthy Truth Behind "Wellness" and "Clean Eating"
    Don't get me started on the phrase "clean eating" a phrase I really hate. http://bit.ly/1TaXWOE (h/t @seantimberlake for posting this article).