Best Things I Read This Week

Every week I procrastinate by surfing the web. Here's some of the articles I found this week that I loved.
  1. Why Self Compassion Works Better than Self-Esteem
    Trying to raise kids self-esteem leads to a generation of narcissists. But self-compassion, actually helps in coping and resilience. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy.
  2. What Are People Working On In Coffee Shops
    I work at coffee shops all the time. And I always wonder what other folks are working on as well. I love that these folks decided to find out!
  3. Screw Finding Your Passion
    Sometimes you don't have to look too far to figure out what your passion is. But it's a matter of trusting yourself.
  4. Why Do All Old Statues Have Small Penises
    Because someone finally asked the question we all had in art history 101.
  5. This man was told his gay brother went missing by his Christian parents, decades later he found him
    This is total clickbait. Bur I fell for it and ending getting weepy. Also what sort of screwed up parents does this? Seriously.
  6. Why Americans Ignore the Role of Luck In Everything.
    No one really wants to acknowledge that luck plays a role in success. But it does.
  7. The Unhealthy Truth Behind "Wellness" and "Clean Eating"
    Don't get me started on the phrase "clean eating" a phrase I really hate. (h/t @seantimberlake for posting this article).