I haven't done one of these roundups in awhile. Here's a listing of some of the best things I've read this past week, specifically in regards to Gay Pride and the Orlando Pulse Massacre
  1. "Frog and Toad": an Amphibious Celebration of Same-Sex Love - The New Yorker
    As a kid I read the Frog and Toad stories and I loved them. Discovering that the author was gay, shed new light on them and now I love them even more. http://bit.ly/1XN5lsB
  2. What It Costs to be Gay - Esquire Magazine
    "LGBT people around the world have been intimidated and coerced all our lives." http://bit.ly/1sB1fsa
  3. How Subarus came to be Seen as Cars for Lesbians - The Atlantic
    I remember seeing the first Subaru ad that was targeting gay and lesbians. It was a revelation. And they walked the walk. For years they were a major sponsor for the AIDS Lifecycle, donating cars for the crew and roadies. It's also the reason why AJ and I own one. http://theatln.tc/28MpoDZ
  4. Orlando Massacre Inspires Some to Come Out of the Closet - @nytimes
    Such a heartbreaking reason to come out. http://nyti.ms/28Y2Zam
  5. Airline passengers offer support to Orlando victim's grandma as she travels to funeral. Fox 5 San Diego
    The heartbreak and the sorrow and the humanity. http://bit.ly/23cfb8L
  6. "My First Gay Bar": Rachel Maddow, Andy Cohen, and Others Share Their Coming-Out Stores - @nytimes
    The gay bar is the one "safe" space for gay and lesbians - at least it used to be before the Pulse massacre. I could read these coming out stories forever. http://nyti.ms/28QbJyZ ( also check out my list of "First Gay Bars" and add your own! My First Gay Bar )
  7. The queer riot that predated Stonewall, 50 years later
    History is too complicated for neat edges. The Stonewall Riots in 1969 kicked off the modern day Gay Rights movement. But there were riots and activity before that, including a riot in San Francisco at the Compton's Cafeterita, 3 years earlier. http://bit.ly/299GRpJ