Here's a list of water not bottled from California sources. A companion list to @patrickrogers' list. Please add any that I forgot or don't know about.
  1. Mountain Valley
    Arkansas water!
  2. Saratoga Springs Water
    New York
  3. Hawaiian Springs
    Suggested by @katmills
  4. FIJI Natural Artesian Water
    From Fiji islands
  5. Ferrarelle Natural Sparkling Water
  6. Perrier
  7. Gerolsteiner
    It's super minerally. Like licking a rock (in a good way) minerally. From Germany.
  8. Evian
    From France
  9. San Pellegrino
    Milan, Italy
  10. Volvic
  11. Voss
  12. Icelandic Glacial
  13. Ice Mountain, Ozarka
    Both of these are owned by Nestle. But they source their water from outside California (Michigan for Ice Mountain and midwest and Texas for Ozarka). So if you MUST buy bottled water and there are limited options, they might be the lesser of evils...